Top 5 Future Classics


For the month of March I wasn’t that interested in the other topics, but I knew for sure, I wanted to do this topic. It was something different and unique and it actually did make me think. I actually thought hard on my top five and I decided to stick to middle and ya books. I’ve just started getting into more adult fiction, so I don’t think I’m knowledgeable on that type of book just yet.

So here is my top 5:


Hands down, this is my number one pick, only because this is the one series that almost everyone I know, growing up, has read. Plus, the story of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermoine Granger teach us of love, friendship and the true meaning of family.

ready player one

I’m not really sure if you would consider this YA, but since the characters are somewhat young adult, I’ll let it fly. I really think this is a shoe in for a future classic because it somewhat depicts our society’s increasing dependence on technology.


Yes, I included this in my list. Even though I’m not a fan of Fangirl, I do think it will be a future classic. Now that technology is an integral part of our world, more and more people are able to share their love for certain books, movies, anime, etc. and there will always be fan girls/boys around. This book is a great depiction of growing up and being able to accept youself as a fangirl.

lumberjanes1 I haven’t really seen a graphic novel as a classic, but graphic novels are starting become more acceptable as a literary fiction. If I have to pick a graphic novel that will become a classic in the future, it will be Lumberjanes. I haven’t seen everything that this story holds, but from what I’ve read so far It’s a beautiful story of friendship, inclusion, acceptance and love. Love for ones self and the people around them. Great story for children and everyone to read about. Plus, the adventure that these girls get into are amazing!

paperbag princess.jpg

This definitely needs to be on my list. I think Robert Munsch will just be one of those Classic writers, all his books will be classic, but this for sure will be on the top of my list of favorite Munsch book.


That’s it for this weeks Top 5 Wednesday. Let me know if you guys agree with my list.

SERIES SUNDAY: Gregor the Overlander Series by Suzanne Collins

Falling through a grate in his  laundry room, Gregor stumbles in a world under New York City that no human has ever seen before, the Underland. He realizes that he is has come to this place in a brink of war between the spiders, rats and cockroaches. Although, he has no wish to get in between these conflicts, he has found out that he must fulfil the prophecy that includes him in order to find out the mystery revolving his father’s disappearance.

Yes, this is the same author as The Hunger Games and yes, this series is just as good as her YA trilogy. If truth be told, I actually love this series a lot better than her trilogy, but this didn’t get as much hype as the latter. The way Collins wrote out the Underland it was very thorough and concise. Her battle scenes are all very well written and you can’t help but feel like you’re in the middle of the action. This is definitely a must read for everyone of all ages!

Reasons for Reading this Series:

  • WORLD: I love the authors  world building in this book, it is detailed and precise which is amazing considering its a middle grade book
  • FAMILY: The first book doesn’t necessarily focus on any one but Gregor, as the series continues we see more of his sister and mother and the bonds that they have. There really aren’t a lot of book like these and it was amazingly different.
  • MAIN CHARACTER: I love Gregor as a main characters. He’s very courageous, smart and very thoughtful towards the people he cares.
  • BATTLE SCENES: I definitely have to mention this because this really what set the series apart for me compared to other books. The battle scenes are breathtaking and its so well written that you are fully immersed in the action.

Recommended For:

Readers who…

  • Enjoys fast paced novels
  • Needs a good recommendation to introduce to their children
  • Are fans of Suzanne Collins writing
  • Enjoys Fantasy novel

Not Recommended For:

Readers who…

  • Doesn’t enjoy Middle Grade Books
  • Are not fans of Fantasy Novels
  • Doesn’t like insects: Spiders, Rats, Bats, etc.

Winter 2017 Book Haul

I’ve been doing my book hauls by season now since I don’t really buy that many books every month.

So for the month of January to March I’ve bought 10 books in total. Most of these books are Thrillers since I’ve been in a really thriller mood lately.

At the beginning of the year, I started getting into thriller novels so I decided to pick these four up an I actually read three out of the four. Anyways, I’m actually really liking this sub-genre and most likely will continue to keep buying and reading them.

I decided to grab these books because I wanted to continue the series. I read A Darker Shade of Magic and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo last year and enjoyed them enough that I grabbed their sequels. I actually got the Millenium Trilogy for only $15 so why not grab it! I haven’t read Passenger, but its a duology so I might as well grab the last book, plus, the book is so pretty to look at.

everything everything

This was actually an impulse buy for me and I’m not sure if I’m even going to read it. The movie is coming out soon and the trailer looked interesting, so I thought maybe I should try my hand at the book. This is not normally a book or movie that I usually gravitate towards, but we’ll see, I heard a lot of good things about the book.


Like I said, I try not to buy that many books, buts ometimes I just can’t help myself. 10 is actually not bad. Hopefully my Spring Haul will be even less!

Let me know if you’ve read any of these books on my list and what you thought of it.

Book Date Monday #4


Last Week I Finished:

plaster and poison

Plaster and Poison by Jennie Bentley

I’m in a bit of a reading funk, so it took me awhile to finish books last week.

Currently Reading:

bloom and doom

Bloom and Doom by Beverly Allen

It’s ok so far, I’m not really sure if its the funk, but I’m just not getting into the story. I’m participating in a readathon this week so hopefully my funk will subside soon.

Upcoming Reads:

Alight by Scott Sigler and State of the Onion by Julie Hyzy

I’ll see how this week will pan out, I’ve been feeling so blah lately.

Borrowathon TBR


The second round of Borrowathon is happening between March 19 – 26 and I’m super excited! I’ve been putting off creating my TBR because my Lumberjanes didn’t come in from the library yet and I’m super bummed out!

Anyways, for this round of Borrowathon the host has created challenges and they’re all pretty interesting.

Here are the challenges:

Here are my potential reads for to this round of Borrowathon. They are listed according to the challenges:


Try Before you buy: Truthwithch by Susan Dennard

state of the onion.jpg

Try a New-to-You Author: State of the Onion by Julie Hyzy

A Book Recommended to You: Do Not Disturb by Scott Sigler or The Pirate’s Wish by Cassandra Clarke

A Book with your Favorite Cover: Do not Disturb by A.R Torre or Bloom and Doom by Beverly Allen


A Book that involves a Library in some way: File M for Murder by Miranda James


I’m keeping my finger crossed that I’ll be able to read at least three of these books. I’m being realistic because I know I won’t be able to read all of them, but still keeping my fingers crossed. Plus, I really want my Lumberjanes to come in, if it doesn’t I need to grab something else for ‘A Graphic Novel’.

Let me know if you guys are participating in the round of Borrowathon and if not, please, please come join us and support your local Library!

TBR Challenge #3: Comfort Read Subgenre

plaster and poison

Plaster and Poison by Jennie Bentley
Series: A Do-it-Yourself Mystery #3
Rating: 3/5

Theme: Comfort Read Sub-genre

Why? If you’ve been to my blog before, you know that my genre preference is Mystery. I love everything that has to do with mystery, but my go-to within the mystery genre is cozy mystery. If I’m in a reading funk or I just want a quick read I always try to pick up my favourite cozy mystery. Fortunately there are thousands of cozy mysteries that has a wide variety of topics. One of these days I most likely will do a list of my favourite cozies.

For those who do not know what cozy mysteries are its basically just a story that doesn’t have too much gore or violence. Yes, there usually is murder, but typically there isn’t any graphic details on the crime scene. Also, most cozies that I have read revolves one specific protagonist, but there are other recurring characters. Basically, it’s like a t.v show, but in book format. Most of the time, one book focus on one mystery, but sometimes it does touch on a bigger story arc, but is not necessarily a major story. Therefore, technically, you don’t need to read the books in order. It will be helpful to start with the first book, however, since most of the time the main and recurring character(s) are described in depth.

Review: Avery Baker left New York City to start a business with her boyfriend Derek Ellis’. What started out as their usual home renovation ended up as a murder mystery, when Avery found a dead body in the soon-to-be new home of Kate and Wayne. Now, not only is she on a tight schedule to finish the house, she must also try to find a killer who is trying to ruin the lives of her closest friends.

I actually really enjoyed the third book in this series and most likely will continue reading them. The first two didn’t really get me love the series, and truth be told, this one didn’t either, but at least I enjoyed it enough to keep on going.

I’m still not entirely sure how to feel about the characters since I haven’t really connected to a particular one, not even the protagonist. I’m not really sure what it is about Avery that ticks me off, but I feel that she’s a bit too whinny, especially in this book. I understand that Avery’s reaction to her boyfriend’s ex-wife is realistic, but I would have hoped that there was less of it.

All in all the book was a pretty good cozy. I enjoyed the mystery and can’t wait to see what happens to the next book.

Books I want to read this Spring

I can’t believe its almost Spring, Spring! Here in Toronto, there is approximately 10 more days before Spring starts and with Spring comes the fine weather of being able to read outside. I’m not a summer fan, but Spring and Fall is my jam! There really isn’t a particular genre I enjoy reading in Spring, but there are a few books that I’ve been wanting to read and its getting to the point that I just want to devour them one by one. So before I go crazy I might as well make a list, for myself, to get my thoughts in order.

Here are the books I want to have read by the end Spring.

These are the first in a series  I want to start in Spring:

These are the books from a continued series or series I want to finish in Spring:


I know some have genre preference when the weather gets better, so let me know your reading choices down below.