Book vs. e-Reader

There are a lot of e-readers that has come out these past couple of years and many book readers have been debating about getting one for themselves. A few years ago I was in the same boat, but since I didn’t know much about e-readers I was very hesitant to get one for myself. About two years ago, I finally got a Kindle Paperwhite (Amazon), then just a few months ago I also got a Kobo mini. This is in no way a comparison between the two, but I will talk about their pros and cons. Also, I will discuss my thoughts on e-reader or actual books. Please, if anyone is reading this and feels offended with what I have to say, don’t be, since this is my own personal opinions.

The first e-reader that I got was the second generation Amazon Kindle. I really enjoy using this. It’s lightweight and easy to use. If you have that one, there’s nothing wrong with it and I got a lot of use out of mine. When the paperwhite came out I really wanted it and I got it as a Christmas gift. I love it as much as my first one. The one thing that really made a difference for me is the backlight. I read a lot during the night and the backlight really helps a lot. I didn’t get the 3g on my paperwhite and I think that’s one of my biggest regret, since I couldn’t get books I want if I’m not at home. Its a very small detail, but other than that I really love my paperwhite. The actual mechanism of the paperwhite is also superb. Reading on it is easy and it doesn’t strain my eyes at all. The page turner is just as good, almost like turning a real book and it’s easy to make notes on them if you’re a note taker. All in all I really enjoy my Kindle and have tons of books on them. Be warned though, if you read a lot of ebooks on the library, kindle will NOT support it. Yes, I know, that is the one downfall of kindle and If you are Canadian, you won’t be able to do kindle library. The good thing is, they did include us in kindle unlimited. Hopefully, Amazon will start to slowly include international countries for all their features.

A few months ago I decided to grab a kobo mini for my library books. I know, I can just use my phone, but I feel that it waste too much of my battery. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel like the Kobo mini worked as well as the Kindle. I would have to tap the screen several times before the page turns and even then sometimes it would skip a page or two. Some days it would work just fine and other times it made me frustrated. You have to remember though, I’m really just talking about the Kobo mini and I don’t know how the other devices compare to it. I do, however, really enjoy the compact size of it. It fits most bags that I have and that’s a must, especially during summer when I hate bringing big bags. Yes, I do use it still and even if the processor is slow, I really just use it for my library e-books. I do have to mention, if you are thinking of buying a Kobo for your library ebooks, make sure you have a computer available because you will need to access the books on your computer first and then transfer them on the Kobo. For those in Ontario, TPL has a great FAQ on the step by step process.

Now for the main tidbit. Books vs. eReaders. For me personally, I really do enjoy reading the actual book. Nothing beats the feel and smell of new/old books. There’s something calming about picking up a book and turning the page one by one. Even my old books have a certain feel to them. They tell a story of when I bought it, my first time reading it and just all the memories the book has. I understand that I can’t remember where I purchased all my books or even when I bought them, but just thought of the physical book in your hand and your history with it, is very soothing. Maybe it’s just me, but I really do love my books. Plus, they’re just so beautiful to see all stacked up together side by side. However, the convenience of an eReader is too good to pass. I feel that books are in your grasp. When you finish one book, you can log into your Amazon account and *poof* you have another book to read in seconds. Also, if you’re a well traveled person, your e-reader will be your best friend. Not only is it lightweight, but there literally is thousand of books in your carry on bag without the backbreaking weight! The main problem with the eReader is, even if you have one, you would still want to keep buying books.

There are pros and cons to both books and eReaders. You just need to find what suits you the most and go with your instincts. I really do love reading with physical books and with my kindle. There are things that both cannot provide and that’s just something you have to live with. In all honesty though, the feel of an actual book is really something eReaders cannot match!

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