Top Ten Auto-buy Authors

For this week, the Top Ten Tuesday topic is, authors that you automatically purchase no matter what genre they are writing. This one will be very difficult for me since, like I said in the previous post, I don’t necessarily buy books because of the author. I’m more of a plot reader, than an author reader. There are a couple of authors that I love and will always check their latest or other works, since I know I previously love/enjoyed their books/series.

J.K Rowling
This will not come as a surprise for many, but I love her work, hands down.

Suzanne Collins
Another no surprise there. I’ve read both the Hunger Game series and her Overlander series. Both I love!

Agatha Christie
If you’re a mystery junkie, then you definitely check out the Queen of Mysteries

Rick Riordan
I love mythology and he does mythology very well.

Ally Carter
Her books are always fun and a light read.

Rick Yancey
Delightful author. I always watch out for his next book

David Estes
Not as well known as the other, but his books are amazing!

Dan Brown
This one is a hit or miss for me. So far I only enjoy his Robert Langdon series

Jen McKinlay
I will check out any cozy mystery by her

Kelley Armstrong
Great author, but her books are hit and miss for me as well


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