3rd Annual Beat the Heat Readathon!


I’m really excited to participate on my first ever book bloggers reading challenge! I decided to participate in something small for my first one and happen stumble on…


and she’s hosting a challenge that sounds simple enough. So basically the readathon will run from August 24 – September 8, 2015 . The only rule is to read as many books as you can within this time span. Sounds pretty easy!! There will also be mini challenges for the participants. Click on the first banner if you want more information^_^

I will also be posting the books that I have read on this same post.

I’m hoping to read at least 5 books for this challenge.

August 24, 2015:
First book I’ll be reading is…
dark inside
A story that almost reminds me of The 5th Wave. I haven’t read the Yancey book, but I have read the synopsis.

August 25: Just finished this book. Gave a 3.5 out of 5. It’s a very interesting concept and really creepy. Writing, not the best I’ve read but still an enjoyable experience.

August 25 2015:
Onto the second book…

A young troubled teen is sent off to her farmer uncle to deal with her rebellious streak. When she gets there she finds out that her Uncle Mort has been hiding a secret that she will soon be a part of.

August 27: Just finished this book. Gave it a 3 out 5. Interesting concept. I think I’m going to continue on with the next book.

September 1

Read the first book last year and I wasn’t that impressed. Wanted to read a scary book so just grabbed this. It’s actually a lot creepier than the first book.

September 2: I can’t believe I finished this book already. I admit I listened to it, but I don’t usually finish an audiobook this fast. It’s really good. I found it a lot creepier than the first book! 3.5/5

Last Update!

I’m so mad. I actually didn’t get to finish my challenge of reading 5 books. I was so close too! Life and other things got in the way. hahahaha… but this was such a fun challenge! Thanks to Novel Heartbeat and Phantasmic Reads for creating and hosting it!

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