Top Ten Book on my Fall TBR

This post is actually just in time for the fall equinox! I love fall and everything about fall. When this time of the year hits, I usually tend to read books that are scary and creepy. I think it has something to do with Halloween!

I don’t really have ten books in my TBR, but these are my top seven books on my Fall TBR

house of hades
I’m working my way into the Heroes of Olympus series and I really want to finish this before Riordan’s new series comes out.

blood of my blood
I absolutely love this trilogy, but I still need to finish it. I actually want to finish this before the year ends!

as dead as it gets
This is actually more my taste recently, but just have so many things on my plate. I do want to read this around October tho.

Definitely a must read before the next book comes out in November.

Finished reading the second book last month and enjoyed it a lot! I want to pick up this last book in the series.

slasher girls
I heard so many good things about this book and Fall is the best time to read these kind of books

the dead girls
I really enjoy this author’s Bad Girls don’t die series, so of course I want to read this book. Plus, look at the cover!

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