Through the Wood by Emily Carroll

through the woods

Author: Emily Carroll
Genre: Horror, Graphic Novel

This is technically not a review since its pretty hard to review a graphic novel. This is just my thoughts and take on Emily Carroll’s Through the Woods.

I’ve been hearing about this book all over the place, goodreads, youtube and other bloggers. Everyone has been saying that its amazing and creepy. So when I was at the bookstore looking for something scary and I saw this on the shelf, I decided to give it a try. I am so glad that I did. Who knew these five short, and I mean very short, stories could be so terrifying. If I wasn’t reading it in broad daylight and with people around me, I probably would have put it down, burrow in my blanket and sleep with the lights on.

I enjoyed all five of the stories, each are different but all are just as creepy as the next. I admit thought, I hated that their endings are always cut short. I wanted to read more of it and wished that the writer would have elaborated more on each story. I understand the questioning of “what happened?” leaves more to the imagination of the readers, but I feel that I’m craving for something that I know won’t have a second part. I guess I’ve been spoiled with all these series and trilogies lately. Other than that one complaint, there really isn’t much that I disliked about this graphic novel.

As for the art itself. Its beautiful! The pictures are not gory or graphic, but there is something unsettling in each of the story that is well conveyed in the pictures. I love the little details in the artwork and it must be praised as much as the stories.

If you’re looking for something scary and just gives you the shivers, this book is a must read. IF you’re one of those readers who enjoys reading creepy stories in the October month, then you should definitely pick this up!


3 thoughts on “Through the Wood by Emily Carroll

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