Creepy, Scary YA Books for October

October for me is a time when reading becomes all creepy and scary. Seriously, October just screams Halloween, so of course, creepy books are in order!

Here are some books I would recommend for those, like me, who loves being scared. These are in no particular order. I think all of them are good in their own creepy way.

divinersThe Diviners by Libba Bray
If you love historical fiction and you love supernatural books, then look no further because this book screams “read me”. Not only do you get a spunky and up beat protagonists but you also get the golden age of the roaring twenties. Really, this book is the glorification of the twenties, with speakeasies references, flapper fashion and the introduction of Jazz music. Everything you love in the twenties is in here, plus of course, the supernatural. (note: Audio version is pretty good!)

the naturalsThe Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Since we’re talking about the supernatural, then we might as well move on to this book. The Naturals almost has the same feel as the Diviners, just minus the flapper trend. It’s set in modern times, but still has the creepy vibes. If you’re a Criminal Minds fanatic, or you just enjoy the show, then definitely this is a must read. I don’t have a physical book of this since I borrowed the ebook, but this is going to be something that I will purchase in the future.

I HuntI Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga
Now, if you like the whole serial killer aspect of the creepy, scary part of The Diviners and The Naturals, but doesn’t necessary like the supernatural attributes, then this is the book for. I Hunt Killers actually take scary in a more sub-conscious part only because there are no ghosts or demons in these books. Just people who do what they do. But this book is beautifully written in a very haunting way. I have yet to finish the trilogy, but from what I have read so far, its a series that you won’t regret you started.

monstrumologistMonstrumologist by Rick Yancey
I cannot stress enough how good this book is. I’m not really sure why not a lot of people like this book, but I think its just amazing. The author not only write about the different monsters Will Henry and his master hunts for, but it also discusses the growing up of the narrator. I love how each book shows just how much more mature Will Henry has gotten and I even enjoy the small story in the Prologue and Epilogue. This is just a very beautiful story that more people should read.

rotandruinRot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry
Now, I’m not really much of a zombie reader, but I found this series to be really good. There are different elements as to why this series is good, and I think for me the main reason is that the author emphasis the importance of family and friendship. He does a great way of balancing the gore with the love. Which makes me love reading these books. For those zombie lovers though, don’t worry, there is plenty of that in here too.

badgir;sBad Girls Don’t Die by Katie Alender
Now if you’re not into serial killers, zombies or historical fiction, say no more. I’ve got the book for you. This is a great read for those who wants to be just plain scared. I admit, the chill factor of this book is not as intense as the other books I’ve mentioned, but it still has a great story plot, and it will still make the back of your hair rise! Plus, I think Alender is such a great writer of scary books.

name of the starThe Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson
Seriously don’t let the name fool you. It does sound like an all girl rock band, but its not. Now a list, in my opinion, is not complete without a little Jack the Ripper. This book is perfect for those who enjoys reading about the most feared serial killer in 19th Century London. So its just natural that a good haunting story must be written about him and Maureen Johnson does a perfect job of joining 19th century and present London.

through the woodsThrough the Woods by Emily Caroll
I really cannot end this post about all things creepy without mentioning this graphic novel, yes it’s not a books, but it’s still worth mentioning. Seriously, just spare less than one hour of you time, pick up this book and start reading. You won’t regret it. The stories are haunting, the pictures are creepy and it will leave you scarred for awhile.

So that’s my list of creepy and scary Ya books that should definitely be read in October, or any day of the year. Comment down below, what are your favorite Halloween reads? or do you even like reading scary, horror books during this time of the month or any other months!


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