Top Ten Author Duos you’d love to see Write a Book


For this week’s booktag, we were suppose to come up with our top ten authors that we would want to collaborate together. This will be hard for me since I’m not really an author reader, I mean I admire authors and all, but I don’t really have particular authors for certain genres. So I might be able to only do 5.

1. J.K Rowling and Tamora Pierce
Both such a fantastic writer, one writes urban fantasy and the other high/epic fantasy. I would want them to write a book similar to Harry Potter, but with the world building of Alanna. Also, maybe a female protagonists would be cooler too.

2. Jonathan Maberry and Barry Lyga
This is a book worthy of reading if it ever happens. The same writing style of the Jasper Dent series, but with Jonathan Maberry’s apocalyptic backdrop. Can you imagine the suspense ^_^

3. Rick Riordan and J.K Rowling
I know I shouldn’t use Rowling again, but you have to admit this is a pair made in heaven. Seriously, its not so much as I want them to write a new book, but rather a cross between Heroes of Olympus characters with the HP characters. Backdrop – London, in and out of the HP world.

4. Amie Kaufman and Kendare Blake
Two total opposite writer, but I think the book that they will produce will be terrifyingly good with a very sweet love story that’s not over the top.

5. Kelley Armstrong and Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Kelley Armstrong is one of my favorite YA authors. I love her Darkest Power Trilogy and I think if we cross something similar with The Naturals series, then its perfection. I love the mysterious way Barnes writes and love the way Armstrong writes her supernatural aspects. Put two together and you get a very interesting read!

That’s it for this week. It’s short and sweet. Hope you enjoyed my pairings and comment below which author’s you would like to see write a book together!

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