10 Wishes I’d ask a Book Genie


This week’s Top Tuesday is petty interesting. So basically we list 10 wishes we would ask if we magically found a book genie. Can you imagine the possibilities. Ack! So here are my wishes.

I have a bulk wish that surrounds more “magical” elements.

I Wish…

For my own library where all the books are…
1. Hardcovers that are all the same sizes
2. These hardcovers are not heavy at all. Light as a feather
3. They are all signed by the authors (eeeeek…)
4. The books never get ruined no matter where I read them or how they are handled. Fireproof, waterproof, children proof, etc.
5. If someone borrows them, they will magically appear back in my bookshelf automatically after a certain date
6. If a new book is released it will just appear in my bookshelf, signed and categorized.

OK, I think that will be all my magical wishes for my magical library. The other four would be other magical wishes.

7. To always find the most comfortable spot to read on the first try
8. For a new Harry Potter series to be released by J.K Rowling (this one is not as impossible as the other wishes!)
9. Unlimited book funds
10. To be able to go in and out of a book world with a snap of my finger

Ok that’s all for this week. I really had fun doing this one. Its different and cute. Makes me want a book genie so bad now though.

Let me know in the comments below what would be your wish if you stumbled on a book genie!


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