Top Ten Books that will Leave you Wide Awake

So for this week Top Ten Tuesdays we were given freebie, but it must be Halloween themed. I feel like I’ve already done this, since I did post this in the beginning of October.

Creepy Scary YA Books for October

But since I’ve been doing such a great job on keeping up with the TTT. I really want to do this, but without using any of the books on my previous thread. I’ll keep my fingers crossed since I don’t know if I have enough books for this.

1. The Asylum Trilogy by Madeleine Roux
To be honest, I haven’t actually finished this series. Mind you the first book was ok for me, the second was great and the third I haven’t even gotten around to reading. But there are elements of the spook here and at time I did get scared with the story. I listened to this on audio and it was great. So if you like audiobook you might want to get your hand on this one.

2. Slasher Girls and Monster Boys Short Stories by April Tucholke, et. al.
I recently read this book and it made me a bit sleepless in the night. Many enjoyed one particular part of it that had to do with Alice, but I actually prefer another story. Each one is just as good as the other, but some are better depending on the author.
slasher girls

3. Lockwood & Co. Series by Jonathan Stroud
I actually just read the first book on this series, but the book that I read made a good impression. Yes, it’s not as creepy as other books I’ve read, but gory enough for some of your more mature middle grade readers. At least check out the first book before judging the cover!
Screaming Staircase
Click here for my review!

Unfortunately, that’s all I have to add to my list of creepy stories. There are a lot more out there so please let me know in the comments below if you have any recommendations for books that will leave you wide awake. Also, check out the link above for other books that are worth the read on Halloween or any other month you feel like being scared.

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