Heroes of Olympus: House of Hades by Rick Riordan

house of hades

Author: Rick Riordan
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4.5/5
Protagonist(s): Percy Jackson, Jason Grace, Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean, Leo Valdez, Frank Zhang, Hazel Lavesque
Other Characters: Coach Gleeson Hedge, Nico di Angelo, Calypso
Gods/Goddesses Mentioned (Roman/Greek): Mars/Ares, Cupid/Eros, Hecate/Trivia, Khione, Pluto/Hades

Review: I vowed to myself to finish this series before The Magnus Chase series is released (October 2015). Obviously enough, I failed on this goal. So now I vow to at least finish this series before the year is over. Since I’m practically done, I think I can make this promise stick. Well enough of that tidbit and on with the review. Every time I read a Riordan book. I’m always have a certain hesitation, fearing that this might be the book that will ruin the series for me or even the author. Alas, I have not yet come to such a book. Fortunately for me, every book I’ve picked up pf his has become one of my favorites and it’s really not hard to tell why. There is always action, adventure, friendship and romance in all his books, which is totally what I look for in a book. I mean who doesn’t. So it doesn’t really come as a surprise that this book, in my opinion, is just as fantastic as the others in the series. To be honest I can’t find anything wrong about House of Hades. I don’t know if the book is just very well written or I was too pre-occupied in my reading to realize the negative factors. Which just goes to say how good the book is. Since I really can’t find something bad to say I will give a reason as to why I gave it a 4.5.

For me, I always wonder why a reviewer wouldn’t give a 5 if the book was so perfect for them. So not wanting to look like a hypocrite, it’s only fair for me to defend my rating. When I read, or even watch a movie, I always get annoyed at the smaller details. Meaning the convenience of things For example, if our hero is in trouble, a weapon, or a way to get out, just conveniently appears. Now, don’t get haughty on me. I actually get annoyed at myself for this as well. Obviously movies and books will always have a convenient solution for difficult situations because they are the hero/heroine. I mean if they accidentally die or get harmed tragically, then there really isn’t much of a story. Right?!?! Yes, I know, but I really can’t help myself. So back to House of Hades. I just found that the heroes always find the answer too fast and there were too many freaky ‘accidents’ that they stumble on that leads them to the right path. This though doesn’t make me hate the book, just a personal annoyance of mine.

Now moving on. The one thing I Really enjoyed about this book, in fact the whole series, are the different POV. I love getting the insights of all the main characters, there fears, weaknesses and their strengths are very well written in all their POV’s. I would have enjoyed a POV from Nico, but really beggars can’t be choosers. I also find that the different POV’s add to the character/reader relationship. Meaning you get a lot more attached to the characters when you know their thought process. We get to know them on a personal level. Which is a very important factor to any series. I especially loved this book just because of all the POVs. There are some books that gets overwhelming when too many POV’s are introduced, but Riordan does a really great job on not over loading the readers. With the length of this book, you really don’t feel the bulk of it because the voices changes from one character to the next. Hopefully, the last book will do a great job on this as well.

Another aspect I enjoyed about this book are all the relationships. I know I always say this, but Riordan really does a good job in creating bonds between his characters. Since there are seven different main characters in this book, plus Nico, it would have been difficult to make all of them work well together, but by creating different challenges, Riordan was able to alienate a rift that could have formed. I especially enjoyed the quest between Nico and Jason. It was heartwarming and a different pairing from the usual three. I’m actually glad that he chose Jason instead of other girls, since it’s an uncommon situation. This same quest also enlightens us to Nico’s brooding and explains his hesitation towards Percy and Annabeth.

As for the actual quests of the heroes/heroines it was pretty good. I especially enjoyed the quest of Percy and Annabeth. Yes, I could be biased because it’s my favorite couple, but to be honest, it’s mostly because you really get to see how much the two characters has grown from when we first saw them in the Lightning Thief. I especially love the world that Riordan created on this part of the story. It somewhat gave me the chills just thinking about Tartarus as a ‘someone’ not a ‘something’ and this made me enjoy the last few chapters of Annabeth’s and Percy’s POV’s. I’m not saying that the other quest was a total dud, because it wasn’t. It’s as full of action just as the other one. I’m glad that Leo is getting his own little part in the book, I really hate love triangles, so this small side story was an amazing addition. He deserves his own…story. There were so many things that happens in this book and it literally keeps you on the edge of the seat, it did with me.

I’m becoming over repetitive in this series, but I’m really, really loving Heroes of Olympus and I think it will become one of my favorite. It’s been awhile since a series has impressed me from beginning to end – *ahem* Harry Potter! So I’m really glad to say this book has done just that. Still not as good as HP, but it has come close. I really can’t wait to see how Riordan will end the series, and I hope that I won’t be disappointed.

***********************SPOILER ALERT!!*********************

We’re almost at the end of the series, so I won’t start spoiling anything about it.

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