My YA Book Recommendation

New to YA fiction or just thinking of the next book you’re going to read? Here are my top Ya books that should definitely be in your radar!

These are in no particular order. I will try to stay clear of books that are already hyped up…meaning books like The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner, etc… since they are getting a lot of limelight already.

1. This is the first book in the Graceling Realm and its a definite must read. I love everything about this book, the story, the characters and the especially the romance. Katsa, the protagonist, is the ultimate kick-ass heroine that I think everyone will love. She definitely made an impression on me. For those who prefer audiobooks, this is one that you definitely must listen to. It is the book that made me start enjoying audiobooks.

I Hunt
2. Enjoy a good serial killer book? Then say no more. This is one of the best mystery/thriller book I’ve read in the YA genre. I’m glad that the author wasn’t hesitant to write in great details about the gore of the crime, which is much appreciated by me. I find that many authors try to gloss over the stories fearing that it isn’t appropriate for the audience. I’ve tried to look for other books with a similar feel, but they never live up to the expectation. This definitely should be on your TBR pile!

monstrumologist3. I love, love the first and second book of this series, but the third book doesn’t live up to expectation. I do have to still recommend it because this is just way too beautiful to be passed up! A must read for those who love books about monsters. Yes, you heard me right, monsters! Just not the type you see in Monsters Inc. Still a book that needs to be in the spotlight. I love the protagonists and you see his growth as the series progresses. I just wished that Yancey put a lot more thought on the ending of this series.

out of the easy
4. I enjoy stand alone books from time to time because they make me happy, knowing the ending has an actual one, and not a cliffhanger. Out of the Easy is a beautiful story set in the 1950’s in New Orleans. Need I say more? This may not have your typical YA romance, but what it lacks makes up for the actual story. We follow our lovely protagonist, Josie, as she tries to find her way out of the Big Easy. This is one book that must be read by those who loves historical fiction!

graffiti moon

5. I’m not much into YA contemporary and for this to be on my list, then there is a definite reason why. I love the story behind these characters and not just our protagonists, but their friends as well. This was my only 5 star of 2015 (so far)! Not only was this a one day read, but its so beautifully written that you won’t even realize that you’ve already finished reading it. Everyone should definitely put this on their radar!

the knife
6. I know I haven’t finished this trilogy, but these books must be read by every book lover! I admit the first 100 pages are a bore, but once you get passed it, you won’t ever regret it. I love everything about these books from our protagonists, to the world building. There is really not much to complain about, since I need to still finish the last book, but these have come to be one of my favorite trilogy and favorite author.

Poison Study
7. Now I’m really not sure if you would consider this YA, but I certainly do, although it’s not really found in the YA section of your bookstore. Anyways, this is about Yelena and her adventure as a food taster for the king. Sounds boring, trust me its not. Although I haven’t read the whole entire series, and not really sure if I want to, I still think that this book is a must on your TBR! If you enjoyed Throne of Glass, I guarantee that you will enjoy this book as well. It’s full of action, adventure and mystery!

far far away

8. Now I feel that this next book doesn’t get enough attention and it’s pretty sad because it is beautifully written in a weird, creepy way. Now if you love the Brother’s Grimm’s original fairy tales, then you will highly enjoy this tale. In fact, one of the brothers is in the story. I have to admit though, I wanted to give up on this book on the first few chapters because it was tedious, but I pushed through and totally loved it! I don’t want to give that much away, but at least give it a try. On another note, the audiobook is also fantastic!

the naturals

9. If you haven’t heard of this book, then I suggest you go to your nearest bookstore and grab this book. Let’s just say, if you enjoy criminal minds, then you would definitely enjoy this. The heroine, Cassie, is no ordinary teenager. She has the ability to read people’s actions and notice the smallest details that will allow her to analyze who you are. Kinda like Sherlock Holmes on crack. Since her ability is beneficial for profiling, she is enlisted by the FBI to help solve cold case files. Now if that doesn’t get you to want to read this book, then I am shocked!


10. I’m not much of a zombie fan. I love watching them, but when it comes down to reading about them, I tend to chicken out. But this series, hands down, is one of the best and beautifully written YA novels about zombies. Let me rephrase that, its actually about Bennie Imura and his friends trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. What’s nice about this story is that it’s not just the fighting and the brain eating, but its about the teens growing up and learning to live in this new environment that they are thrust upon. Really, zombie fan or not, you have to check this book out.

I would love to recommend more books, but I think 10 is enough for this post. Stay tuned for Part Two!

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