Writing Reviews Challenge 2016

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Writing Reviews Challenge 2016 Hosted by Delighted Reader

In order for me to keep tabs on my reviews for 2016, I have decided to do this challenge. I really do enjoy writing reviews, but they can be so time consuming, but if I actually include myself in this challenge I will actually be forced to write my reviews.

I think that the title is self-explanatory. You set a goal for yourself on how many reviews you will write for the next year (January 1 – December 31 2016), and of course you stick to your goal. Then, publish your review either on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or your own blog so that people will be able to read them.

Finally, make sure you click on the link above to sign-up for the challenge on Delighter Reader’s blog!

Comment down below if you’re thinking of entering this challenge as well, or if you’re entering other challenges! Good luck and happy reading!

My 2016 Writing Reviews Challenge: 24 Reviews


2 thoughts on “Writing Reviews Challenge 2016

  1. Oh, yay, glad you could join up. Reviews are the hard part. 😉

    I’m doing the Mt. TBR with you this year. Good luck on your challenges!

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