December wrap-up and January TBR 2016

December was a very slow month for me. Even though I wanted to read more books, I just didn’t have the motivation or even the energy. Since it was the holidays and I was preparing for my vacation, I was pretty busy and never got the chance to read as much as I wanted to.

Either way I at least was able to read three books and since I’m into cozy mystery for now I was able to finish the year with three of them.

I enjoyed all three of them, especially This Pen for Hire. I also really loved Agatha Raisin, since I was able to listen to the radio broadcast of the Quiche of Death and The Vicious Vet. As I mentioned in my goodreads group this is worth a listen. I highly enjoyed listening to the voices of the different characters and also all the background special effects.


I’m actually not going to have a TBR for this month because I’m on vacay. I don’t have any of my books with me so I’m just relying on what’s on my kindle and other books that will come from my overdrive account.

So I’m off for a few weeks, but will sporadically post  when I get WiFi.

Wishing everybody a Happy New Year to all and may you have a prosperous reading year!!!!

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