Not the Killing Type (Book 7) by Lorna Barrett

not the killing type.jpg

Author: Lorna Barrett
Rating: 3.5/5
Protagonist: Tricia Miles
Other Character(s): Mr. Everet, Pixie, Ginny, Antonio, Angelica, Chief Baker, Christopher, Stan Berry

Synopsis: The upcoming meeting of the Committee, Angelica has a surprise to unleash on her ex-boyfriend, Bob Kelly, she is running against him for the head seat member. Unknown to them another contender has entered the race, until he was found dead in the bathroom stall. Unfortunately for them, they are the two main suspect and Tricia must help her sister find the right killer.

Review: Ever since I started reading this series it has become one of my favorites. I love everything about it from the characters to the setting of the place and of course the mystery. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to live in a town full of book sellers.

Continuing this series always gives me great pleasure because I get to re-visit the characters that I’ve grown to love. There are some that we’ve lost along the way, but new ones are always being introduced. It’s always thrilling to read the progression of each characters and watch them grow. Especially the main character, Tricia. From the start of the series, we meet a hesitant and unsure character who has now grown to become an inspiring role-model. Although there are still things that she needs to work out, such as her ‘man problems’, I really enjoy where her character is heading and the different relationships that are being formed.

As ever, I have to give props to the different relationships that Barrett always present in her books. I enjoy the friendships that she creates among the characters, especially those between Tricia and her workers. I was really sad to loose Ginny in the ‘Haven’t Got a Clue’ trio, but her presence has not at all disappeared. Plus, the addition of Pixie is a great thing. It added a different flavor to the cast. Some cozies don’t really delve deep into relationships such as these and usually focuses on the romantic details. This is a great change from the usual cozy. The one disadvantage from having a great selection of characters is that you need to start the series from the beginning. That’s such a small penalty to pay compared to the advantage.

I know I keep praising the character developments and the world building of Barrett and haven’t mentioned anything about the mystery. Don’t get me wrong, Barrett writes a great mystery, but I feel that her stories are pretty much a ‘close case’ deal since you can solve the case on your own. I do love her mysteries just as much. They’re interesting and of course well written, but compared my other praises, this falls pale compared to it. Compared to her other books, I think I disliked this one the most only because of the outcome. I really wanted something different, something that wouldn’t have been as heart-wrenching, but as always you have to deal the good with the bad.

That being said, this is a must read book/series. For those who wants to get into cozies this is a great start, and for those who are already fans of the genre, then this is a must read for you!

***********************SPOILER ALERT!!*********************

Ending: I hated the ending. Stan is the nephew of Elanor, the receptionist at the Inn. At a young age he as always been attracted to larger women. Elanor, being a large woman, became a fascination for Stan. He eventually assaulted his aunt and kept repeating this act until his death. Being in a small town like Stoneham those you work with, they become your second family. Trying to defend Elanor’s honor, her co-worker killed Stan in a fit of anger, after witnessing him harass her at her workplace.

He is such a wonderful man, who cares deeply of his work family and it’s really sad to think that he will go to jail for it. Hopefully, we will hear more about his condition in future books.

I think this book, compared to the other six, is a bit bothersome. I’m not really sure if the author wrote Tricia as someone who is biased towards larger women, or is Tricia suppose to be offended on the adult magazine itself.

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