Beach, Books and Relaxation!

Just a quick update!

In previous posts I’ve mention that I was on vacation and if you’ve notice most of my Instagram pics has been the beach. Now I’m back at home and dreading it! I want the beach and warm weather back *sigh*. Like seriously who won’t fall in love to this! FYI these are all personally taken, not pictures found on the internet! No filters either.

Anyways, enough with the sadness. As I was there, obviously enough, I couldn’t help but buy some books. Mind you I didn’t buy that many since there is a limit on our baggage.

I decided to buy Pride and Prejudice and Zombies because I saw the movie trailer and thought it looked promising. Since there are so many great reviews on Alexandra Bracken’s new book Passenger, of course, I just had to see what the hype is all about. Finally, since Lair of Dreams, paperback edition, is actually out in the Philippines I decided to also grab it Β to make my life easier and not wait for it to come out here in Canada. So like I said, I didn’t really get that many books, but those that I did get I’m really excited to read them!

Unfortunately, since I was so engrossed by the beach and just being lazy I didn’t read that many books, and those that I did read are mainly audiobooks. I will be making a wrap-up post and TBR soon, so stay tune for that.

The one book that I did decided to start and didn’t finish is the 5th wave and I refuse to watch the movie until I’ve finished it!Β I’m going to post a list of books to movies that I’m excited about in the next few days, so stay tune for that as well!

(yea I know I added a picture of me reading the 5th Wave on the beach! Just want to reminisce! The place was so beautiful!)

So that’s my quick update for everyone and hopefully I’ll get back on track on posting regularly, especially Top Ten Tuesdays!

See you again soon ^_^

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