My True Love Gave to Me (Short-Stories)

my true love gave to me.jpg


This is not going to be an actual review of the stories inside. I won’t go into details about each author and their writing styles. This is just my thoughts on the overall book.

As seen in ‘My Book Reviews’ section, you will note that I’m not much of a contemporary reader. I usually read books that are geared to my likes, and would take my romance fix in these genres. Although, there are some books that fall through the cracks, especially those that has been hyped up by more than one of my GR friends or Booktubers I follow. This is how I got landed with My True Love Gave To Me. I’m not saying it was a horrible book, it just wasn’t for me. When I read a contemporary book, I expect a happy ending. Yea, I’m very much a ‘and They lived Happily Ever After’ type of gal. So for me, this book fell flat from my expectation. As much as I wanted to like it and enjoy it, like so many others I know, I just couldn’t enjoy myself. I understand that there are complications in writing short stories, since the authors are basically constrained to a certain amount of story telling and can’t really convey emotions and feelings in a one day meeting, I get it. I just wanted more of a swoon-worthy moment, and to be honest, I really didn’t get that in any of the stories.

If I really had to pick my favorite I would have to choose Rainbow Rowell’s Midnight and It’s a Yuletide Miracle, Charlie Brown by Stephanie Perkins. These at least gave me a small flutter in my stomach, but after that, everything else was just…ok. No, I’m not a Rowell fan, like so many people, and I haven’t even read Anna and the French Kiss trilogy, so you guys can’t blame me for being bias. I just find that their story a little bit more cuter and  ‘awww…’ worthy than the others. If truth be told, there were some that made me arch my eyebrows and be like ‘huh?!?!?!’ Don’t hate me tho, it’s just I tend to get really caught up in romance novels, and when I don’t, like in this case, I tend to get a bit annoyed.

Like I said, I won’t go into details of their writing styles or even the content of each story. Most of the authors in this anthology is very well known in the contemporary genre, and they all have their own followers. So you know they can write well. For me personally, I felt like I could have skipped this book and spent my time reading something I would have actually enjoyed. BUT, and this is a big but, if you enjoy reading contemporary novels, and are a big fan of the writers within, then its a good investment for your guys!


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