Top Ten Recently Enjoyed Books


I haven’t done a TTT in a long while, but the topics hasn’t really been that interesting for me, or it doesn’t really apply to me that much. I think this one is just up my alley tho. So for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday we are to list 10-ish books that we enjoyed recently that are not within our comfort zone.

To be honest, I’m very much a cover buying, mainstream reader. I would pick up a book if (1) it has a beautiful cover, or (2) if its being plastered all over booktube/goodreads. Other than that, I pretty much stay clear from everything else. So here is my top ten books that I recently enjoyed, but was hesitant to pick up.

I know that these books are similar to genres that I love to read, and some are even very mainstream books, but really in all honesty I would never have picked them up if it wasn’t for some recommendations from book friends. I’m not much of a graphic novel reader, and so I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I really enjoyed Saga and Through the Woods.

The most shocked I was, was for Sorta like a Rockstar by Matthew Quick. I enjoyed this novel a lot, but I would never in a million year pick this up if it wasn’t part of my group reads. I’m really glad I did tho.

So what’s your recently enjoyed novel that was out of your comfort zone? Comment down below, maybe we can share and find more books to add to our over-the-top TBR!

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