Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

anna and the french kiss

Author: Stephanie Perkins
Rating: 3.5/5
Protagonist: Anna
Other Character(s): Etienne, Mer, Rashmi, Josh

Synopsis: Life is going great for Anna, she’s getting good grades in school, she has a wonderful best friend and the boy that she’s been drooling over has finally started to notice her. That is until her father decided to send her to Paris, France on her last year of high school. How is she going to survive without the things that are comfortable around her or even speak the language that she knows.

Review: I’ve said again and again I’m not a contemporary reader. I usually get my romance fix in other genre and that usually satisfy me, but occasionally I do get a craving for a good contemporary. Since Anna and the French kiss has been on my bookshelf for awhile now I decided to grab it. Plus, I really enjoyed Stephanie Perkin’s short story in ‘My True Love Gave to Me’ so it’s only understandable that I give this a try. I’m glad that I did because I actually enjoyed reading it, fortunately for me.

Let’s start with the things I dislike about the book to get it out of the way. For me, I feel that it ran a little bit too long. It was entertaining, don’t get me wrong, but there were too many unnecessary moments that made the book longer than it has to be. More than once I had to check how much further the ending is cause it felt that Perkins was adding too many things that is not important to the main story. I also wish that there was more Etienne explanation on how he fell in love with Anna at the end. To me that’s the best part of any ‘love story’. Yea, I’m a sucker for sappy, heartfelt reveals from the male love interest. Finally, I wish that Bridgette and Anna had a more conclusive answer to their relationship. I hate that Perkins even included the rift between the two friends, but its an understandable problem that some friendships go through. Oh, I almost forgot to include this, but I really do wish that Perkins included a good father figure. I feel that there was too much angst angst fathers in this book and I don’t think there is any good representation of them. I know that these seems too much dislikes, but other than these I had to no other problems with the book.

I actually really enjoyed Anna as a protagonist. I know she’s too whinny in the beginning and even closer to the end, but I enjoyed her in between. I understand where she’s coming from at the start of the book, she’s all angry towards her father, and I get that considering she’s suppose to be with her friends planning graduation, prom and everything else before college. Yet, she’s stuck in a foreign world all by her lonesome self. What I don’t really understand is her whinny self at the end. I hated how she got all mopey and I got a bit annoyed when she kept insisting on being picked. That small rant aside, I really did love her. She’s a typical teen that goes through typical teen problems. She doesn’t really face anything that one teen or another hasn’t face once in their lifetime. Even her friends are adorable. I enjoy the various relationships that are existent and formed in this book, more importantly the extinguish of friendship. I know its difficult to loos a friend, but that’s really a reality that everyone has to face especially when leaving a certain phase in ones life. I think my most favorite in this book is Josh. He’s the type of friend that’s just always there, who knows everything, but just watches and guides his friends to the right way. I really thought he was going to be the type of friends that’s all jokes and is an *ss, but I’m glad that he’s the total opposite. I’m glad where the story is heading with Josh’s part. Way to go Perkins in keeping me interested!

As far as I’m concerned this trilogy will be something I’m going to keep reading. I know I’m not much of a contemporary reader, but like I said Perkins has kept me interested. I do wish that the next book, Lola and the Boy Next Door, will be just as good as this first installment.

***********************SPOILER ALERT!!*********************

Ending: Contemporary reads doesn’t really need any spoilers. FYI I don’t read books that people don’t end up together. hahahaha…


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