Bone Gap by Laura Ruby

Bone Gap

Author: Laura Ruby
Rating: 3.5
Protagonist: Finn, Roza
Other Character(s): Sean, Pd, Professor, Valentine

Synopsis: When Roza suddenly appeared in Bone Gap, everyone was surprised. As the brothers, Finn and Sean, take her in, many question the relationship of the three. Then one day, Roza disappears just as fast as she appeared. No one questioned it and some even believed that it was bound to happen. Finn though knew that Roza was abducted by a man who he cannot describe or even remember. As he tries to cope life without Roza and Sean’s cold treatment towards him, he tries his best to find out what has happened to the girl that made their lives better!

Review: Bone Gap is our group’s hidden gem book read for the month of February. Now I don’t usually read all the hidden gems that my peers recommend, but this one sounded intriguing enough to peak my interest. Yes, the cover is an eye soar, but its actually fitting for the theme of the book. This book, by far is not perfect and I had issues with some of content, but overall it was an enjoyable and unique read.

The last time I read a ‘unique’ book was Far, Far Away by Tom McNeal, but my love for that book did not resonate with this. I did enjoy myself, but I feel that the mystery came second to the coming-of-age theme that is evidently present in the book. There was to many moments of teen anxiety and uncertainty coming from the protagonist, Finn. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great protagonist, I’m just not into these types of books unless its very well hidden in a fantasy/dystopian setting. For me, there were too many awkward moments between Finn and PD, and even a detailed description on a making out session involving the two teens. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, and I totally understand if other readers enjoys these, call me old-fashioned, but its really something that I prefer not to read about in great details. Also for the graveness of the situation I feel that everything was taken too lightly. I don’t think that’s the intention of the author since not many of my peers noticed it, but the way the town reacted seemed too distant. For such a close knit community, where everyone knows everyone’s business, its just hard to imagine that no one else saw Roza or even believed Finn’s story. Even if the statement that was given was vague, there should have been more action toward an abduction and spent more time investigating the situation. I feel that these types of matters should not be taken lightly and should have added a more serious tone to the whole book. I also wished that Roza’s part was extended. The bulk of the mystery was during her portion of the book, and so it would have been nice to hear more from her. I did enjoy that we get to know the mystery surrounding her past in both Poland and the US. Although quite entertaining, there was a missing aspect within the book, that just didn’t make me fully love the book.

Now lets get on with the happier part of the review. Even if I’m still mildly confused on the ending, I’m really glad that the conclusion was not as grim as I thought it would be. It’s not an altogether ‘Happily Ever After’, but it’s better than the alternative choice! I really did enjoy all the characters in the book from Charlie Valentine all the way to PD’s mom, and even if we barely see all of them in this short novel, I feel they made and impact on the book. In such short time we are able to know Charlie’s story and his connection to the situation. Ruby has a great way of making you feel as if you are part of the town, rather than a stranger just looking in.  Obviously enough, Roza has got to be my favorite character! She is so timid, shy and quiet, but at the same time she is strong and fierce. She may not be the action pack kick-ass heroine that many books write about, but she is a kick-ass heroine in her own way. Where others would write about beautiful, but vain women, Ruby decides to show the ugly side of being too beautiful. I feel that some readers would take this information the wrong way and think ‘boo-hoo she’s beautiful, that’s no big deal’, but the author showed a different and unwelcome outcome of such a trait. This book, besides it being a coming-of-age story, had a more deeper meaning of beauty being skin deep and I think this is what made me enjoy reading it. Although I had problems with Finn’s disability being the cause of his relationship with PD, I’m also glad that this was included in it. I feel that the main goal of the author is to show readers that beauty is not as important as many believe.

Although it seems that I have more to grumble about than praise regarding the book, I really did enjoy my reading experience. There are smaller details that irked me, but overall it was different and refreshing. I do enjoy a good mystery, so that helped its case, plus with characters like Roza, you really can’t help but enjoy it. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone, but especially those who enjoys a different read.

Audiobook Review: Not the best I’ve heard, but then not as bad either. I did enjoy the part of Roza a lot more than Finn’s but that’s only because her part was a lot more interesting. Really the voice that they use for the kidnapper gives me the chills even after I’ve finished the book.

***********************SPOILER ALERT!!*********************

Ending: Argh! It’s the professor!

To be honest, my GR friends has been over the ending thoroughly and we still don’t understand the whole Bone Gap ordeal. At least, I don’t anyways. I feel that the book would have been a lot more sinister if Roza was just being drugged to make her hallucinate, but that’s just my suspense-thriller fanatic talking.

I really won’t go into a lot more details of the book, since the twists and turns of the book is what made it so fun to read!


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