Ten Books on my Spring TBR


I feel like I want to read so many books in so little time. I’m not very good at sticking to my TBR only because I’m very much a mood reader, meaning I typically gravitate to books I want to read depending on my moon and to be honest, my moods are not always the same. I think this is one of the main reason I tend to pick one book up and then put it down after a few pages. Anyways, there are some books I do want to read roughly around this month, but I’m not making any promises.

For this week’s Top Ten Tuesdays we are to list our Top Ten Books we want to read for Spring. Now I’m not really certain if these are books that are going to be released in spring or just our TBR in general. Since there is not actual rule to this TTT, I decided to go ahead and choose books that I actually want to read as of right now. Mind you, some of these I don’t even own yet, so I’m not entirely sure if I will get around to reading it by the end of Spring.

So here are my ten books in no particular order:

That’s my list and hopefully I actually get to some of them, but don’t hold your breath for that outcome. Also, you may notice that these books have been in my previous monthly TBR before and yet they still keep appearing time after time (ahem, Illuminae!).

Comment down below, what your Spring reads for 2016, maybe we have a book in common or even you can suggest another book I can swap for one of my ten. hehehe…

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