Blood of my Blood

blood of my blood

Author: Barry Lyga
Rating: 5/5
Protagonist: Jasper Dent
Other Character(s):Howie, Connie, Billy, Mrs. Dent, H.G

Synopsis: Hurt and unable to fix his current problems, Japer must rely on his instincts that has being honed by his father. On the other hand Howie, must piece together who Ugly J is, while trying to stay alive. And Connie must deal with the consequences of the decision that she chose. In this last chapter of the Jasper Dent trilogy, all three must sacrifice a part of themselves to survive the final battle.

Review: I finally mustered up enough courage to pick this book up and finally finished the trilogy. It is as good as I thought it would be and that’s evident enough on the rating I gave it. The writing as usual, is amazing, and creepy.The characters, just as well written as the other two books and the twist in the end, mind blowing! I loved every minute of it and wish more books would be written similar to this.

Although, I got to see Jasper, Howie and Connie again, knowing that its the end, its a bittersweet moment for me and every other reader who loves these three. Connie, in this book, is so much better than the previous, which irritated me at that time. In, Blood of my Blood, she is back to her smart and independent self again. I admit, she’s not my favorite heroine of all time, but to be able to stand against a serial killer is an amazing feat! Let’s not forget her courage towards her father and standing her ground with her relationship with Jasper. That is guts!

I’ve always enjoyed reading Howie’s point of view, and to be honest, he’s my favorite character. I think his sense of loyalty towards Jasper and Connie is something to be admired. Especially his friendship with Jasper. I love their relationship and their bond is unbreakable. I love that Jasper sees Howie as his anchor as a regular human being and I think both of them keep each other grounded. I also enjoy Howie’s sense of humor. This books is really not a laughing matter, but Lyga does a good job in inserting some jokes that is appropriate, even though its cheesy at times.

As for the actual book. I can’t even describe how wonderful this ending is. There is a reason why I gave it a five star and it deserves every shiny bit of it! There is so many things that happens in each page, but at the same time, every questions you have are answered. I even enjoyed the little glimpse we have at the end when Lyga enable us to see the future of our beloved characters.

Although, I really did enjoy the trilogy. I’m quite satisfied with the ending and how everything was revealed in the end. It might not be such a happy ending for everyone, but for those that matter to me, I can deal with what Lyga gave us. I do think that more books should be written similar to this because I enjoyed the intensity of the book and that it kept me at the edge of my seat the whole entire time. Maybe in the near future I would feel inclined to re-read the trilogy and visit the three friends again.

***********************SPOILER ALERT!!*********************

Ending: I’m really surprised at the ending. I hand a little premonition on who the partner is, especially when we find out that the mom is still alive. It was still a shocker for me that she was the one who set up the whole ‘game’ right from the beginning with the Impressionist. I can’t imagine how Jasper felt in finding out BOTH his parents are serial killers. To have one is already traumatizing, but to actually have TWO, that would have put me over the edge. I’m really not sure what to feel about the story of Jasper and his mother. For me that’s a little over the top, but it’s understandable considering Lyga wants to show that his mom is the ‘alpha male’ and to be the leader, she must be fearless.

As I said, the author allows us a glimpse of the future of the three protagonist. I’m happy to announce that all three are still friends and considering what Jasper and Connie went through with their relationship, I think they’re still holding strong. Like in their teens, the two boys, now men, are still friends and have made considerable amount of money publishing a book about Jasper’s life in the shadow of a serial killer.

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