Series Review: Starbound Trilogy

Book 1: These Broken stars – Lilac Laroux & Tarver Merendsen
Book 2: This Shattered World – Jubilee Chase & Flynn Cormac
Book 3: Their Fractured Light – Sophia Quinn & Gideon Martin

Rating for all 3 Books: 4/5

Review: I finally was able to finish this trilogy and it was really good! For me they are equally good in their own way, but I do have my favorite characters. I was really unsure how these books were going to end, but I was very happy with the conclusion since I was unable to write a review for the first two books. I will be discussing each book briefly and then discuss my thoughts on all three at the end.

The first book in this amazing trilogy is These Broken Stars. Tarver and Lilac are only two of thousands on board of the luxury ship Icarus to survive the unfortunate accident in space. Crash landing in a deserted planet, the two must travel in the harsh terrain of this unknown world to try to survive and find help. Unknown to them, they are not the only ones that inhabit the planet.
* I really love this book. I admit it’s not the best book ever to be written, but I enjoyed my reading experience. When I remember when people were reading this, many complained that it was too similar to Titanic and the most we saw of anything are the two characters. For me I didn’t mind the lack of characters because I love reading about the trials and obstacles that the two faced. Plus, there were enough information that needed to be processed to keep the readers entertained. As an introduction book, its a good set-up for the next two.

In the second installment of the trilogy, we meet Flynn, reluctant leader of the rebellion and the stone face soldier known as Jubilee. Their paths cross as Flynn stumble on a secret base that once was use to keep the whispers. Unfortunately civil war has broke through that hindered the two from really discovering the truths about the secret labs. We also learn that the whispers had learned to possess solders and act violently towards civilians, which eventually caused the unrest with the Avon natives and the revolt of the people.
* I did mention that I enjoyed each book equally, but in all actuality this second book wasn’t as loved as the first. But, I think it is due to my love for Lilac and Tarver. I’m not saying that Jubilee and Lynn are not great characters, they actually add a lot of substance in the Starbound trilogy. I feel that the bulk of the main story is within this second book. I also enjoyed how the story intertwine with Tarver and Lilac, and we even get a glimpse of the other two characters. There were so many sad events that occurred in this book, but I think it was necessary to show just how strong the whispers has gotten and the lengths that Laroux Industries would go to get what they want.

In the final installment of Kaufman’s and Spooner’s trilogy we re introduced to the last two characters. Sophia, the recently orphaned Avon native, wants nothing but revenge for her father’s death, and that is to kill Laroux. Gideon, the computer wiz, on the other hand believes that to bring Laroux down is to destroy his company and the whispers. The two eventually meet and even with their opposing beliefs, they must work together to survive the final battle.
* Although I love the first book, I think Their Fractured Light, takes the cake. This had everything that the two books had plus more! I especially love the second half of this book, when all six characters started working together. Even though it didn’t last that long, I was really giddy when they all met each other and everyone revealed who they are. I’m really glad I proceeded to finish this series because I really enjoyed the characters and world building in all three books.

The one major drawback that I found in all three books was that there were dull moments. I know that it can’t all be action, but I wished that there were less of it. I do remember that in the first two, there were times when would skip a few pages because nothing was happening, and if there was it was dragging on for too long. Also, if you are planning on reading these books a few months apart form each other, and your memory is not all there, remember to jot down a few points regarding the whispers. For me it took me a bit longer to remember the whispers in the previous books. I knew they were there, I just needed to refresh my memory on what happened to them to cause such hatred in them. Although there were a few things I disliked about the books, all in all I had an entertaining time reading them and would eventually re-read them in the future. I do hope that Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner would write a novella on the life of these three couples a few years after these events occurred, just to show us how they are doing and if they all remained friends.

I used two different formats to read these books. One is the regular book format and the other is an audiobook. As much as I always enjoyed dreading the physical form, I actually enjoyed the audiobook and would recommend it to those who prefer this format. It did take me awhile to get used to the voice of Gideon, but in the end it wasn’t that bad and thought that it actually suited the personality of the character. Since I only listened to the last book, I’m not really sure if they used the same voice for the other characters as in their respective novels. I do know that there were different voices for the ‘main’ characters.

***********************SPOILER ALERT!!*********************

Ending: Most people who has read some of my reviews, they know that I’m a sucker for happy ending and this one is obviously a good one. Everyone is alive! Like alive and well! Obviously enough its unrealistic, but I’ll take it!

Laroux’s wife was killed during a revolt in one of the planets that was being terraformed. Laroux believed that he can use the whispers to bring his wife back and as he experimented on them they became more wary of humans and eventually started to think evil towards them. The main whisper wanted to destroy all humans for their evilness, but with Lilac and with the help of the others, they were able to show them that not all humans are violent and selfish. The whispers from the start have been watching all six characters and can see the good in them, and they all chose to listen and believe the good than the bad.

At the end of the battle Laroux eventually looses his mind thinking that he had lost his daughter. Lilac because the ambassador between humanity and the whispers and she is now married to Tarver. Flynn and Jubilee were present during her swearing in speech while Sophia and Gideon are watching from the comforts of their home.


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