Top Ten Bookish Delights


So for this week’s Top Ten Tuesdays, we are to list 10 things we love as bookworms.

Here are my ten, in no particular order:

1. Entering a Bookstore
I love entering a bookstore of any kind. I love the hustle and bustle of the people perusing through books and buying bookish items.

2. The Smell of a New Book
I know that some people will find this weird, but I enjoy the smell of new books. It’s comforting and familiar!

I love cute and inspiring bookmarks. I especially love them when they have quotes from my favorite books.

4. Rough Edges
It doesn’t really make the book better, but I do like the look of rough edges. There’s something unique and old looking to it.

5. Author Visit
Canada doesn’t really get a lot of authors to come to our little place, but I really shouldn’t complain considering many other countries doesn’t get author visits at all.

6. Right Spot
Finding the right and comfortable spot to read in. Any book reader will know what I mean about this.

7. Sale
Enough said! Finding out that there’s a sale in my local bookstore! Makes me smile!

8. Smooth Beginning
Books that capture my interest right off the bat. I admit, I’m the type of reader that gets a bit bored in the first few chapters and that’s really my make it or break it moment. I love books that gets me from the beginning.

9. Library Finds
Finding out that my library e-book has the books that I want to read! Score one for the team ^_^

10. Hardcovers
When books have beautiful illustration on embossings on the hardcovers/under dust jackets.

That’s all for my TTT. Comment down below what are your bookish delights!


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