May Wrap-Up and April TBR

I can’t believe May is done already and half the year is almost gone! I’m not complaining, summer is finally here in Canada!!! I read a total of eight books and I’m still in a reading mood. Usually around this time I get into a reading funk and would only read a bout 1 or 2 books. Anyways, I read three of my TBR books for the month of May and an additional five other books. Here they are:

My most favorite read for this month would have to be Front Lines by Michael Grant. I wasn’t expecting anything huge with the book, but I really enjoyed the characters and just the way he was able to portray this alternate history.  Like last month, I have another disappointing read and that would have to be Emerald Green by Kristin Gier. I had hopes for the first book, but as the story progress for book two and three it just went downhill for me. This last installment annoyed me as I was reading it and the protagonists almost reminded me of Bella Swan from Twilight. I’m going to be writing a Series Review for the three books so stay tuned for that.

I’m still on my cozies trend as you can tell, and I’m really loving Jenn McKinlay’s A Cupcake Bakery Mystery series of hers. I know I didn’t read any Jaine Austen Mystery, but I felt that I needed to take a break from my binge reading of her books from last month. All in all I think I had a pretty good reading month for May. I didn’t get to read any books for my <a href=”“>Mount TBR Challenge</a>, but I did get to finish three of my series/ trilogy for <a href=”“>Finish the Series Challenge</a>. I’m really slacking on my other challenges, but I hope to remedy that for this summer.


For this month I will actually be participating on my first ever Read-A-Thon hosted by Thoughts on Tomes on Youtube called Tome Topple. More info to come  before the event, which will be running from June 5- June 19. I’ll make a separate post regarding the books that I will potentially read for that Read-A-Thon.

Here are the other books that I might get around to reading for the month of June:

I won’t go too crazy on my TBR since Tome Topple will be taking up half of the month already, plus I need to read something light with this challenge I will be participating in.

So that’s it for this wrap-up and TBR. Comment down below on the books you will be reading for this month or if you had a fantastic or horrible reading month!



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