Top Ten Reasons I Love Harry Potter


For this weeks Top Ten Tuesday the theme is Top Ten Reasons I Love ___. Of course as the title suggested, my topic will be Top ten reasons I love Harry Potter. I started reading the books when I was young and this series just grew up with me from the first book to the last movie. So it’s only proper that I create a TTT solely on my love for this amazing series!

1. The World Building

I love the world that was beautifully crafted in these seven books and even though we don’t really see a whole lot of other parts of the wizarding world, what we do get is enough for anyone to love every minute of it.

2. Dobby the House Elf


Dobby is actually one of my favorite characters in the book. Although we didn’t really see much of him in the movies, which I hated, those who did read the book can’t help but fall in love with this loyal character. His faith, however, is less desirable.

3. Creatures

Just like the world building of J.K Rowling, I can’t help but love the different types of creatures that she includes. Especially, Fluffy! I know they’re not original creations of her, but they way she uses them in each of her stories are very well done. Remember the beautiful, loving mermaids in fairy tales? Not so much in her books.

4. Voldemort and Belatrix Lestrange  

‘Why?’ you ask me? I think no amazing series is complete without and amazing villain. You have to admit, Voldemort is just the type of villain that keeps children awake for weeks on end. Let’s not go to Bellatrix, she’s just as weird and creepy as her master! BUT again, both are so well written, that you just can’t help but love to hate them! FYI: I can’t picture anyone else playing Belatrix but Helena Bonham Carter!

5. The Marauders


Just their epigram exudes trouble! That, though, is not the reason why I love them. It’s mainly their friendship and just the bond that connected the three together. Yes, you heard me, I said three, I won’t include those who do not deserve to be mentioned!

6. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

The third book is included in this list because for me this is what started my love for the series. No, I didn’t hate the first two, but this is actually the first book I read in the series. I was given the book and told to read it. Naively I didn’t know it was a series, so I read it and was hooked! I couldn’t put it down and read it from beginning to the end in one sitting. Then devoured book one and two when I found out it was the third! Therefore, this book will always hold a special, more special, place in my heart!

7. The Good Guys

original hp.jpg

If I love the villains, of course I love the good guys as well. I love all the quirky characters that was included in this book, even the minor characters. I especially love Luna Lovegood and Fred/George Weasley. They may not have as many roles as the other characters, but they did make an impact in the story line. J.K Rowling does such a great job in writing so many different characters and making all of them matter, whether it be for good or bad.

8. The Relationships

I love every relationship that Rowling created in her series. From Lily’s love for her son, to the friendship of Harry, Hermoine and Ron. The author was able to show her readers that family is not just the people that you are born with, but also those around you who care and love you.

9. The Spells


You think I’m running out of ideas because I included such a small detail in her books, but I really do love the spells that she created. She didn’t really have to make these words since it really add to the story arc, but for me, it gave a more realism to her magical world.

10. The Books

Yes, I know its book blog and its obvious I’m talking about the books, but I feel that the majority of people only knows the movies and fail to see that the books are so much better. The Harry Potter series is the one that I will coming back to time and time again, and will eventually be introduced to my future children!

That’s it for this weeks TTT. Hope you enjoyed it. Comment down below what your TTT is or if you have the same love for HP as I do!


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