Mid-Year Check In!

This year I have decided to participate on numerous challenges on my blog, including the Goal Challenge on Goodreads. Since I decided to do all these challenges I think it’s only appropriate for me to check-in mid year to see how well, or how bad, I’m doing in these challenges.



For my Goodreads reading challenge, I decided to read a total of 50 books. I’ve been putting this goal for a few years now and I’ve never been able to achieve it, but I think this year I’ll be able to surpass it. As of today, I’ve read 49 books. So one more and BOOM, its off my challenge list!

As for my blog challenges. I’ve decided to participate in SIX different yearly challenge.



For the Craving Cozies Challenge, I decided to participate in the Level 1: Famished. That is to read 1-10 cozy mystery books. I’ve actually finished this challenge and have surpassed the 10 books that is needed. Unfortunately, This is one of those challenges that needs to also include a book review, which I haven’t finished yet.

cloak and dagger challenge


As many of you have not yet realized Mystery is my favorite genre. So of course I had to participate on two different mystery challenge and even if these two can have the same books, I still wanted to try my hand at it. For this challenge, I participated on the second level, Detective: Read 11-20 books. Like the first challenge, I’ve also managed to finish and surpass this challenge, although I might go back and not include the books I’ve read in Craving for Cozies challenge.


Next to Mystery genre, I’m a dystopian buff, unfortunately I feel that this year not a lot of good dystopian books are being released or this year is just not my year for dystopian books. Anyways, I participated on the first level of this challenge, and that is to read 1-5 dystopian novels.



Last year as I was perusing my bookshelf, I realized that I have read a ton load of first books in a series, but never really finished them. So of course this challenge is one that is the most obvious that I should participate in. I’m glad to announce that I participated in the highest level and that is to complete 7 series! I am proud to say, I have finished this challenge as well ^_^

Reviews Challenge


I enjoy writing book reviews, I really do, it’s just their tedious work. This one actually give you free reign on the challenge. It doesn’t really have levels on how many reviews you write and so forth, they just encourage your to actually write reviews. So far in the year I’ve written 13 reviews and I’ve read 49 books, you do the math. Like I said I’m not even close to finishing this challenge!

Mount TBR 2016


Another challenge that I feel I’ve neglected this year. I’m not really a list reader, meaning I can’t make a list and read them one by one, but I really want to at least try my hand at this. At least I’ve read 11 out of 24!


All in all I think I’m doing a pretty good job in my challenges this year. I’m especially proud on my goodreads challenge because I’ve been trying to beat that for year! I know it’s not done yet, but hey, 1 more book to go!




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