Graphic Novel Review: Chew

I know I’m not a fan of graphic novels, I don’t hate them, but I haven’t read a ton load of them to give an expert advice on which is better than the other. However, I think I’ve read enough of this series to be able to give my honest opinion.

I’m not the type of reader who enjoys gore or violence, being a mystery enthusiast, that’s actually hard to believe. That being said, though, I actually enjoy reading these graphic novels. The concept of the novel is what drew me first to pick it up, really who won’t be intrigued by a detective who can envision the past of the things that he has eaten. Does that not sound exciting? Anyways, when I picked up the first volume, I was totally hooked and I eventually devoured the remaining volumes as soon as I could get my hands on them. Mind you I had to borrow them from my library so it took some time. I love the dark humor that John Layman incorporates in his morbid tale and the characters are all fantastically well done. Out of all the characters I find Olive and Toni the most fascinating. I love their side story, and at one point, a heartbreaking story, but either way everyone is beautifully crafted. I also enjoy learning the different ‘gifts’ that Layman bestowed on some of his characters. Like I said, I’m really enjoying myself reading these graphic novels and can’t wait to devour them til the end.

Besides the story line and the characters, I simply love the art of it. Rob Guillory’s drawing captures the tale that Layman is trying to convey. It’s dark and yet a tad bit perky on the color choices.

(I’m not entirely sure which volume the first two picture are, but the last one is in Chew Vol. 6: Space Cakes) 

As seen in these samples of their work, you really can’t blame me for enjoying this graphic novel. Look at the details, the gore, the color and the weirdness of it. I’m telling you, it was really difficult for me to put these volumes down. Be warned, those who doesn’t have a strong stomach, you might want to sit this one out.

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