September Wrap-up and October TBR

I feel like I can’t keep up with how fast the months are flying by! I seriously felt like I’ve just finished my wrap-up for August and now I’m doing my wrap-up for September! October is my favorite month so I’m not really complaining, but 2016 is going by way too fast for my liking!

Anyways, enough of that and lets get on with my wrap-up. I’m actually pleasantly surprised that I read quite a lot of books for this month considering I wasn’t in that much of a reading mood. I read a total of six books. Unfortunately, I only read two of my TBR and the other four are spur-of-the-moment choices. These are the books I read:

Although my go-to author is Agatha Christie, my favorite read for this month is The Girl in 6E by A.R. Torre. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this book a couple of months ago and have been curious ever since. I haven’t really gotten the urge to read it until a couple of days ago and was so glad that the book was available in my library. I was surprised that it was more ‘adult’ than I thought it would be, but the story itself is quite enjoyable. I’ll do a full review on it soon, so stay tuned for that. Another pleasant surprise for me is Ghosts by Rianna Telgemeier. It’s a very cute story about sisterly love and overcoming difficult situations at such a young age, all told in graphic novel style. A definite must read!

Now that I’ve analyzed the books I’ve read for this month, I’m actually happy with all my read and have no complaints on any of them. However, reading two of Laura Levine’s, Jaine Austen Mystery series, for this month, made me realize that I need to take a small break from this series. Actually, I might take a little break from cozies for the upcoming month.


I’m actually feeling very ambitious for this month and want to read all sorts of books. Mainly spookier books, since it is the month of ghost, witches and everything else that goes bump in the night. However, I will be limiting my reading to books that I actually own. I’ve been reading a ton load of cozies and those are just books I borrow from the library, I fear I’ve been neglecting books that I’ve bought and paid for. Anyways, here are some books I’m planning on reading:

The first two books have been in my radar for awhile now and really want to get to them. Gemina is coming out this month and want to get my hands on it ASAP, but I’m just not 100% sure if I would be in the mood to read it, so that’s a tentative read.

I know I said I’m going to be ambitious for this month, the reason I only included three books here is because I’m going to be participating in a Read-a-Thon hosted by some booktubers: Books and Lala, Paige’s Pages and Bookerly, which will be between October 17-23. I’ll be creating a separate post for the books I’ll be reading for that week.

That’s it for this month’s TBR and wrap-up and Comment down below if you will be participating in the Spookathon or what books are you interested in reading for the month of October!



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