Top Ten Villains I Love to Hate


A good book always has an amazing protagonist, but with ever good hero/heroine, there must also be an evil villain. I really think to have a successful story the villain must equally be as ‘good’ (or bad) as its nemesis. For this weeks TTT its all about the villains of the book. Here are my top favorite, love to hate them, villains:

1. Draco Malfoy: Harry Potter Series


I know a lot of people loves Tom Felton, but I’m not really talking about him. I really dislike Draco in almost all of the books. If you’re going to be evil, go all the way or go home. You can’t pretend to be evil and then hide behind your fathers robes. I really dislike his cowardice.

2. President Snow: Hunger Games Trilogy

Hunger Games

There is something creepy about how Katniss describe him as smelling of roses and blood. Can you just imagine such a thing, makes me want to cringe. Besides that, he’s just pure evil.

3. Mayor Prentiss: Chaos Walking Trilogy

the knife

Just like President Snow, Majoy Prentiss has very much the same qualities. The worst villains are those who have power and know how to manipulate people into thinking that their actions are right.

4. Billy Dent: Jasper Dent Trilogy

I Hunt

If you have read this series, and Billy doesn’t give you the creeps, then I’m not sure what will. As much as I enjoy this series, reading about Billy’s crimes…I can’t even describe!

5. Charlie Mathias & Marion Hammer: Benny Imura Series


I’m not much of a zombie fan, but I love this series. This has a good balance of zombies, action, relationships and mystery. I highly recommend it. However, when I talk about villains, I’m not referring to the creatures of the dead, but rather the bounty hunters: Hammer and Charlie Pink Eye. These two are above an beyond one of the worst villains in the book and they make the zombies look like teddy bears.

6. Alien: 172 Hours on the Moon

172 Hours

Imagine your worst nightmare and now imagine it come to life. Well this is what I think the ‘alien’ in 172 Hours on the Moon is. I’m not really 100% sure if its even an alien, all I know is its scary, like I’m-never-going-alone-in-the-airport-bathroom-alone scary (read the book and you’ll understand me).

7. Dorothy: Dorothy Must Die Series

dorothy must die

When I first picked up this book, nothing would have prepared me for the villain. Gone was the lovable Dorothy that I loved as a child and in its place is horrible evilness. As much as I love the goody-two shoes, Dorothy, there is something about the bad Dorothy that makes me appreciate her.

8. Count Olaf: A Series of Unfortunate Events

a bad beginning.jpg

Have you guys read this series? Don’t you know Count Olaf? Then you definitely need to pick this book up and read it. For this man to put these children through all the heartache, labor and evilness, he’s just as bad as they come.

9. Moriarty: Sherlock Holmes Series


It’s Moriarty! Need I say more? If he can stump a genius, then he is definitely a worthy opponent!

10. Mother: Coraline


When I watched the move, Mother gave me the creeps. When I read the book, Mother gave me nightmares. Usually when we think of the word ‘Mother’, we think of home, comfort, hugs and all those other kind words. The Mother in Coraline, however, is the exact opposite, but the perfect villain for such an amazing and unique book.

That’s it for this weeks TTT. I actually had such a fun time doing this one. As I always say, in order to have a good book, you must have a good villain.

Let me know who are your favorite villains or you agree on some of mine on my list!

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