Top 10 Goodreads Recommended Books


For this week’s Top Ten Tuesdays, its all about recommendations. We are to list the top ten books we read because someone recommended it to us. Since I’ve been a Goodread member longer than I’ve been blogging, I decided to do the ten books goodreads friends has recommended me, and loved!

I know I’m being judgemental and not everyone has the same tastes in books, but its actually been awhile since I bought a book without looking at their ratings on Goodreads. Usually when I’m at the bookstore, I’ll always have my phone ready to make sure I get to search the book first before I purchase it.

However, these books listed below are actual books that people on Goodreads has recommended to me, or has posted on a group post as a great read.

I’m a very picky reader when it comes to mysteries and horror. I tend to get bored easily or if the story is heading into a topic I don’t enjoy, I tend to put it down and forget about it. So when people recommend these types of books, I usually don’t jump at the chance to grab them right away. These five books, however, made it to the list because they are the best of the best in their category. I love all 5 of these myster/horror and would recommend them to everyone who enjoys this genre.

Now when it comes to fantasy, dystopian and sci-fi novels, I’m not as picky to recommendations. All I want from it is good world building  and fast pace action that could hold my interest throughout the book.  Now usually I try to get four or five people recommend a certain title before I actually pick it up, but really when the premise seems enjoyable, I’ll try to stick it and power on through. These five books I’ve read in a span of 5 years. Some older and some newer, but one is for sure, all of them are fantastic reads!

I love the online book community, either it be Youtube, Bloggers or Goodreads, they all work for me and have expanded my TBR (to be read) list. Even though my shelves are now overflowing with books that needs to be read, I’m not at all ashamed with my purchases. This community as introduced to me wonderful and amazing read, and even if there are a few misses, I still enjoy my reading experiences.

Let me know if you have the same experience with online book communities and comment down below if we have the same books on your list!


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