Top Ten Characters I’d Name my Child/Pet


For this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, I think the topic is pretty clear cut, character’s names you would use to name your own offspring/pet.

As much as I love very unique and adorable names for kids, I’m not sure would like names that are too…out there. So I would actually just divide this into two parts, one are potential names I would use for my future children, and two, names that I would use for a pet.

Children’s Names: 

  1. Elizabeth – This is a pretty common name, but I actually started enjoying this name because of Little Women. I know the protagonist was Jo, but Beth was such a nice person and who wouldn’t want that for their children. I understand she didn’t really have such a great ending, but still the kindness made a huge impact on the family. Pride and Prejudice made me fall in love with the name. Having such an opposite personality from the previous Elizabeth makes me even love the name.
  2. Cassie – This is more of a nickname rather than an actual name. I still like the sound of it tho. I came across this name in The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, I’m not that impressed with the protagonist, but I really do enjoy how the name sounds when said out loud.
  3. Luna – I love anything Harry Potter and as much as I love the three main protagonists, I really can’t imagine naming any of my future children those names. However, I fell in love with the name Luna especially since the meaning of it is Moon.
  4. Makayla – I’ve been reading the Novel Idea by Lucy Arlington cozy mystery and I absolutely love this name. I also love the character, not the protagonists, but such an amazing friend/sidekick!
  5. Alex – When I was growing up I love the series Alex Rider by Anthony Horowitz, they are amazing! I’d have a heart attack if I thought my kid(s) did all those death-defying stunts, but still a cool name. Plus, I love names that are unisex.

Pet Names: I won’t really go into details as to my fascination for the names, since the only reason I would actually name my pet these is because it sounds cute and fun!

  1. Iko – Lunar Chronicles
  2. Legolas – Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  3. Fluffy – Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone
  4. Zeus – Percy Jackson Series
  5. Lola – Lola and the Boy Next Door

That’s it for this week’s TTT. Share with me down below all your TTT or which names you would choose, or have already used, for your pet/child.

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