Youtube Spookathon COMPLETED!


When I started this challenge, I initially included five books to accomplish the five challenges, but obviously enough, I won’t be able to read all five books in a week. So, I opted for the books that will allow me to fulfill all of the challenges while reading fewer books.

I am proud to say, I was actually able to complete all of the challenges by reading two of the five books.

As a recap, here are the challenges:

  1. Read a Thriller
  2. Read a Book with a red on the cover
  3. Read a Book with a spooky word in the title
  4. Read a 2016 Release
  5. Read a Book with a paranormal character/creature

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn – 3 Stars out 5

I was able to complete 1 and 3 of the challenge by reading this book.

I decided to read this thriller because it was recommended by all three of the Booktuber hosts and so I decided to take a stab at it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as impressed with it as the hosts were, but I enjoyed it enough to give other Gillian Flynn books a try.

Since this book was told in different perspective with alternating past and present storyline, it was reminiscent of The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. I know the former came out first, but I still couldn’t help comparing the two. Fortunately for Dark Places, I was a lot more invested on the story of the Day family than that of Rachel’s. That being said, I still wanted to action and mystery in books like these. I’ve read my fair share of thriller books, and for me, this was not up to par.

I didn’t connect to Libby the way I usually connect to other protagonists, because her experience was hard to relate with. I do applaud the author for letting Libby grow as the book progress and allowing her to accept the outcome of her family’s murders. I’m not entirely sure if I enjoy the ending of the book, I really didn’t feel like there was a concrete ending for the readers. Unfortunately, being a thriller it’s a stand alone book and we are left to figure out the ending for ourselves. Almost like, do-it-yourself-ending.

All in all even if I was on the fence about this book, I would still want to try more of Gillian Flynn’s novels. Maybe not Gone Girl, but just the others of her books.

Reign of Shadows by Sophie Jordan – 2.5 Stars out of 5

I was able to complete the remaining challenges by reading this book.

I’ve seen a couple of reviews about this book and none of them are good, but I still decided to read it, because it really did peak my interest. After completing the book, however, I understood why it has low ratings.

In the beginning of the book I saw the potential of a great series. I believe this is a vague retelling of Rapunzel and that made my interest peak even more. Unfortunately, near the end, everything started to fall apart. I felt that the love story between the two protagonists seemed instantaneous. I really don’t have a big problem with that, but I feel that it was hastened by the middle of the book. One minute Fowler was indifferent towards Luna, the next he was all over her. I can look past that folly in the book since the story reminded me of the movie Quest for Camelot, which I loved when I was younger. The problem was, there were things in the book that I’m unable to overcome.

The one thing that did annoy me the most was the ending. These kinds of ending are the types which will annoy me if I go on any further in the series/trilogy(?). Usually endings like this could only result in a love triangle, which I abhor! I won’t reveal much since I don’t want too upset those who do want to read it. Another thing that made me give this book such a low rating is Luna herself. In the beginning the protagonist started out strong, and confident of herself, but by the end of the book, she started becoming more of a Damsel in Distress than the heroine that I’m usually used to.

I’m not really sure if I will be continuing this series, I’ll have to see in which direction the author will take in the second book. If my feelings are correct about the the fate of Luna and Fowler, I might not continue with it, but if I’m wrong, then I will probably give the second book a chance.


*I really had fun with The Spookathon and glad that the girls decided to create this for the public. Hopefully next year they will create another one and it will be cool to continue on with it next year.

I’m a bit disappointed that I was only able to read two books, but better than none. Maybe next year I’ll have more time on my hands and power through more books.

Let me know if you guys were successful in your challenges and comment down below on your thoughts on any of the books I mentioned.


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