Library of Souls (Book 3) by Ransom Riggs

library of souls

Author: Ransom Riggs
Rating: 3.5/5
Protagonist: Jacob
Other Character(s): Emma Bloom, Addison MaccHenry,

Synopsis: The third and final book of Rigg’s popular Home for Peculiar Children bring us back to Jacob, Emma and all the other children. This time they must rush to find the Library of Souls before Caul.

Review: In this last installment of Ransom Rigg’s Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, we are taken to the scene of where Hollow City ended. From beginnin to the end we are taken from on adventure to the next and the details that Rigg’s incorporate in this last book is amazing. As I’ve said before, I really have no qualms over the author’s writing. I believe him to be a great writer and would welcome more books from him. However, I’m still very much stuck on the same problems I had in book one and two. Truth be told I really won’t enjoy this trilogy as much as other readers because of the main point that I have previously complained about, but to be fair, this conclusion was wonderfully done and enjoyed the ending.

My reviews usually include two parts. The first, are about the things I dislike about the book and the second, are the things I liked about the book. Yea, I write my reviews as if I’m writing a grade five book report, but it works for me. Anyways, this review will be a bit different because like I said my problems with this book is pretty much the same complaints as the first and second. Not wanting to be redundant I won’t go into details about them. Cut to the chase, I hate the relationship between Jacob and Emma, it still weird me out and I’m still not able to accept it. I especially hated it in this book because I feel that Library of Souls focused a lot on the romance between the two compared to the previous books. Also, I’m still not a fan of our protagonists. I know the book is written in his POV, but Jacob really irritates me. I enjoy heroes who possess a backbone and the strong silent type, Jacob on the other hand, I find melodramatic and couldn’t stand his mood swings. I wasn’t a fan on how sudden he was able to harness his powers, I felt that Riggs rushed that part of the book when from book one to two he was unable to fully use it. Although these are really my main concerns for the book, I think that these are two major points that really did deteriorate my reading experience. Fortunately, Riggs did a great job on conveying the action packed scenes, which left me on the edge of my seat.

Besides my dislike for Jacob, the other minor characters in this book are all beautifully written. I love all the children and their powers. Some creep me out, in a good way, and some made me tear up, like Fiona. I enjoy how Riggs created each children unique and yet they all make each other whole. I wish that we saw more loops in this novel, but I guess with all the things already happening the novel will be too long. Either way, I’m content with how everything ended. I really am happy with how Riggs finished the trilogy. It might have been too ‘clean’, but I’m a sucker for happy endings so I don’t really care. Also, the folklore that Riggs included in this novel was nicely done. Not only did it give us an idea of what the Library of souls is, but it was also able to tie up loose end, like how the hollowgast came to be. I’ve said this many times, Riggs is able to create a world that you can fully immerse yourself in. His words allow you to be along side the characters and you tend to feel the world surrounding you with his written words.

Even if I had my ups and downs with this trilogy I’m really glad that I stuck through with the series. If I’m able to look past all my complaints about it, then I would have truly enjoyed the book. Unfortunately, I’m a sucker for romance and it just aggravated me to no end. That being said, Rigg’s had me at his world building. I will definitely read more of his book if, and when, he releases more of them, which, keeping my fingers crossed, I hope he does.

***********************SPOILER ALERT!!*********************

Ending: There are actually two ending to this series.

The First – Jacob and the Peculiars were able to defeat Caul. The Library of Souls is destroyed, the ymbrenes are free and as the loop collapses they were all able to escape.

Throughout the book Jacob had a hard decision to make, stay with the peculiars or go home to his parents. He chose to return to his home and parents because he did not want to bring anymore grief to his family.

Which brings us to the second ending.

The Second – Upon his return, his parents thought that he ran away. As much as he tried to act normal, he still had communication with Emma. Unfortunately his parents found out about the letters. Thinking he was back to his crazy self they were going to ship to a psychiatric ward. Fortunately, Miss Peregrine and the Peculiars comes to the rescue.

Upon the destruction of the Library of Souls Loop, all the ages of the children has been reset and therefore they are now able to live outside of their loop.

They rescue Jacob and introduce themselves to his parents.


My Review for the second book: Hollow City



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