Series I will be Continuing

I’m the type of reader that takes awhile to read a series/trilogy/duology. I am always in awe at people who can power through a series. One, and actually the only reason, I don’t read a series in one sweep is because I really need a breather between books. My mind tends to wander if I read too much of the same thing and the reading experience is destroyed. Recently I’ve notice that I can actually read a book or two from the same series one after the other, but only if the book is short. Chunkier books are a whole different story, those I really cannot read one after the other.

This predicament for me actually really sucks because I tend to forget books. Yes, that’s correct, my memory really does suck. Sometimes I would be picking up a book thinking I haven’t read the book yet, half way through I realize that I’ve already finished that same book months/years back. So therefore I’ve actually started keeping a record of the books I’ve read and the ending of each book. This is actually the main reason why I started book blogging and adding the endings in my reviews. Don’t get me wrong, there are books that stick to me for a long time, but usually those are usually the really good ones that I love or the really bad ones that I hate. Shameful not so secret, secret, but there you have it.

Anyways, this year, and last, I’ve started some really good series and some not so great series. I will list down the books I’ve decided to actually continue. Since I do read a variety of books, most of these will be from different genres. I’m only going to include books that I’ve only read the first book. I created a list, last year, of series that I have no intention of finishing anymore and you can find that link here.



I’m actually surprised that I’ve read quite few of them since I’ve actually been trying really hard not to start new ones until I’ve finished some of the ones that I’ve already started.

Mind you, I’m not really entirely sure on when I will get around to finishing these series, but I will be continuing on with the second book. There are some that I’m a bit more hesitant to finish and there are others that I’m excited to keep on pursuing. Like I always say, only time will tell.

Comment down below if your favorite series is on the list or maybe there is a series/trilogy/duology you think I should finish/read right away.



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