Illuminae by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff


Author: Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
Rating: 3.5/5
Protagonist: Ezra, Kady Grant
Other Character(s): Media format of the book introduced a lot of different characters that wasn’t pertinent to the core of the story.

Synopsis: After Kady and Ezra’s planet was attacked by a rival mega corporation, they are submitted into living in two different massive airships. There they stumble on secrets and conspiracies that make them question the ship’s AI program.

Review: I’ve actually had this book on my TBR list for quite awhile now, but never got around to reading it, either I wasn’t in the mood for sci-fi or I wasn’t interested in picking up a ginormous book. Interestingly enough, I was part of a readathon a couple of months ago, #TomeTopple, and this was one of the books I picked for the challenge. I had some rough patches throughout the book, but eventually was able to power through and in the end I actually enjoyed reading it. It really was difficult for me to get used to the different media format.

Besides the format of the book there really wasn’t any major concern that I have with Illuminae. I think my greatest disappointment, is the hype surrounding the book. I had such high expectations, which unfortunately wasn’t met. I really enjoyed the Starbound trilogy, written by Kaufman, and I thought the two books would have a similar structure. Although, there were similarities, I found that the different media format made it difficult for me to fully immerse myself in the story. I found it choppy and it took awhile for me to become connected to the main protagonists. I’m really not a big fan of Kady, since I think she was written as if her feelings for Ezra are not sincere. The huge ordeal that has happened to them tainted my feelings for her. On the other hand, I really enjoyed Ezra’s character. I found him to be hilarious and really adorable. I love his various interactions with the different people on his ship, and the events that happened in the locked bay room almost broke my heart.

Now i know it seems as if I didn’t like anything about the book. Not necessarily. I actually really enjoyed the ending. No, that’s not me being sarcastic. There was so many twist and turns during the last half of the book and I wasn’t sure on what the outcome would have been. Therefore, the actual ending of the book was quite interesting. I’m glad it ended the way it ended and it made me want to read the next book ASAP.

***********************SPOILER ALERT!!*********************

Ending: As I said before the ending is what made me enjoy this book and I feel that the revelation that is revealed in the end is important, therefore, I won’t go into details.

I have to say though, AI is not the enemy.

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