Top 5 Fictional Items I would give as Gifts


This is such a unique idea for a top 5 and I’m not going to let it pass without me answering this.

1. Invisibility Cloak in Harry Potter


who would not want this as a gift? I know I would, but it will also be such a cool gift to give. I know there is only one in existence, but such a great thing to pass from generation to generation.

2. Dress on Fire in The Hunger Games

Sculpting 02 - Girl on Fire (Katniss Everdeen).jpg

When I first read The Hunger Games, I thought this dress was amazing! I was hoping that the movie would make it grander, but that’s ok, I would still give this dress to anyone who loves to be unique and different.

3. Riptide in Percy Jackson and the Olympians


IT’S A PEN! Yes, its a pen that turns in a SWORD! Seriously I was so impressed with this weapon and the pen actually works. Also if for some reason you loose it, which lets face it most likely it will happen cause ITS A PEN, then it will magically appear in your pocket again. BEST. PEN. EVER! Best gift to give to those who looses a lot of things.

4. Hermoine’s Bag in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallowshermione_grangers_beaded_handbag

I think anyone would want to have this bag. It’s so compact and rather pretty, but can literally hold EVERYTHING! That is the bag for rat packs!

5. Iko in The Lunar Chronicles

I know she’s more of a person in the books and she is one of my most favorite characters, but I would love to have someone like Iko during my adventures. Definitely a must give to family and friends. Doesn’t necessarily mean Iko herself by it would be cool if droids do exist.




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