Disappointing Reads of 2016

A few days ago I posted my Best Read of 2016 and now I’m back for my Disappointed Reads of this year. Looking back at all the books I’ve read, I’m actually quite amazed at how great my reading year has been. Unfortunately, even with all the great books I finished, there were some that did not meet my standards.

Please note, my opinions are my own and I’m not discouraging people in picking these books up. As I always say, what works for one person doesn’t necessarily mean it works for others.

Most of these books I’ve rated 2.5 and under. There are some that are 3, but those usually are books that are part of a series and the series overall has disappointed me.

Here is my list:

my true love gave to me

I’m not much of a contemporary reader and those that I do read come highly recommended or they’re hyped up in Goodreads or Youtube. This anthology of short stories by popular contemporary authors was all the rage during 2014 Christmas Holiday, but I didn’t pick it up until this year. I just came back from my holiday and it was close to Valentine’s Day so I wanted a quick and cuddly book. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. I felt underwhelmed with most of the stories and I felt that they dragged on longer than necessary.


I was weary going into this book because I wasn’t a fan of the first book and the only reason I decided to pick this up is because the second book was fantastic. Unfortunately, my good impression did not resonate to this book. I did a whole series review on it, which I will post in the new year.

the girl on the train

Before this book was even published, I was seeing it everywhere! When I heard they were making a movie adaptation of it, I was all for it. So decided to read the book earlier this year to be ready for the movie. I had such high hopes for this. Being a mystery fanatic, I wanted this to be gripping, thrilling and everything that the advertisement promises. In the end my hopes was dashed and the book left such a bad impression on me that I didn’t even bother watching the movie.


As I have stated before I’m a mystery fanatic. So obviously I’ve read my fare share of book from the Queen of Mystery, Agatha Christie. When I hear that this book is re-telling of her famous And Then There were None, obviously I’m all over it. The problem was, it fell short of its predecessor. For those who have not read the original, then this would have been a great read, unfortunately for McNeil, I have.

emerald green

This is one of those series that I actually have stopped from the first book. Although I did enjoy the first, the second was already a great disappointment, but the cover is so beautiful and I wanted to give the last book a chance. I should have just quit while I was ahead. I had such an awful experience reading this book and I’ve actually decided to give my copy of the books away. I never want to re-read this trilogy again.


Quest for Camelot is one of my all time favorite movie that’s not Disney. This book reminded me of it and instinctively I thought I would love it as much. The problem is, I didn’t. It held so much promise in the beginning, but as the book progressed I found myself disliking the protagonists more and more. Plus, the ending bites dust!


James Patterson’s books is always a hit or miss for me. This book actually falls on the latter. I really wanted to give this book a higher rating, but I just couldn’t pretend to love it. It reminded me too much of his other YA Angel series.


This book might rattle some cages. I loved reading the first book of this Trilogy, but by the second I was already underwhelmed. The same reasoning as the Emerald Green, I decided to stick to this because I wanted to see what happens to the to main characters. Even though I feel that the author was able to tie up all her loose ends, I just wasn’t a fan of the ending. I actually wish this is one book I decided to pass this year.


As you can tell my reading year was pretty fantastic and having only 6 books in my disappointing pile is actually pretty amazing. Hopefully next year it would be even less.


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