Top 5 Characters I’d Invite to a New Years Eve Party


This week’s Top Five Wednesday topic seems very fun. There are actually a few people I would love to invite for my New Year’s Eve Party, but here is my top 5.

The group from Heist Society. I would love to hear all the different heist that these teens go in and all the different strategies that they have to remember. I love the different names that they give to their strategies.

the martian

Hilarious people is a definite must in all parties and Mark Whatney is that person. I love the humor that Mark has in this book and the fact that he’s stranded in a planet on his own, he deserves an invite to my BEST. PARTY. EVER!


Grover is my favorite character in this book because of the humor he brings to the books and his friendship with Percy Jackson. So obviously he is also a definite must invite to my party!


It’s not really a secret that I wasn’t a big fan of this series, but when I read this book I loved it! I wouldn’t really invite one individual person in this book, but as a whole I would love to have all of them. I think they’re a hilarious bunch of people and the little banters that each of them have with each other is what made me really love this last book.


I don’t think a party is a party without the Weasley brothers. Any fictional party worthy of being created must have these twins and their practical jokes items.


So that’s it for this week. I hope you enjoy my list and let know who will you be inviting to your New Year’s Eve Party!

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