2016 Challenge Wrap-up

Before the year is over, I want to look back on the challenges that I participated in. This is a look back on those challenges and if I have accomplished them or not. I will also include my Goodreads goal as well.

So lets get started.

In 2016 I participated in six different challenges that other bloggers has created. I was very pumped up in the beginning of the year that I wanted to enter in all of them, sadly that’s really unrealistic. Also, I participated in four different Readathons throughout the year.

Anyways, lets get started.


I wanted to read a total of 50 books. Since starting Goodreads I’ve always set my goal to 50 because I can never surpass this number. Alas, this year was the year and I was able to read a total of 80 books! I am super proud of myself and I did do a little celebratory dance when I passed 50! I won’t talk about the different books I’ve read or even the highlight read for me. Those can be found on my individual wrap-ups or reviews.

I also set mini challenges for myself which is to read more from books I already own, read more cozy mysteries and Finish series I’ve started. I did fairly well with these mini challenges.

  • Read books I own: 17 books
  • Cozy Mystery read: 27 books
  • Finished Series: 9 series


Out of the 6 Reading Challenges I participated in I was able to complete 5 of them. That too, is actually a great achievement for me.


Unfortunately Mount TBR is the on challenge I was unable to finish this year. I’m not much on sticking to a list of books all throughout the year. So sadly this is one that just wasn’t for me. I was able to at least read 17 books from the list, which I think is a great accomplishment either way.


This year for me was all about cozy mystery. I was addicted to them and inhaled them one after the other. So I was able to surpass my goal for this challenge, which is to read 1-10 cozy mystery books. Let’s just say I was actually able to finish this challenge by April, which deserves props from the highest order!

cloak and dagger challenge

I feel like I cheated on entering this one because the cozy mystery challenge books could technically have been used for this as well. So for me not to feel so guilty I used a different set of books to count for challenge. Obviously enough, I was able to finish this as well, which is not really a big WOW since I really do love Mystery books. The goal was to read 20 books from the mystery genre and that was completed May of 2016.

Reviews Challenge

I dreaded entering this challenge because I can never write any reviews on time, but lo and behold, I actually finished this too! The goal is to write 24 book reviews and I was able to write more than that. Which amazed me and I was able to finish this just in the nick of time, December 2016!


This was another challenge I was hesitant to participate in  because I’m awful at finishing series. I have series that I started in high school and 10 years later I still haven’t finished them! I’m proud to say *drum roll pls* I annihilated this challenge! Ok maybe not annihilate, but I did finish it. The goal was to finish 7 or more series before the end of the year. I reached 7 series by May 2016, but even went further and finished more series that I have started way back when.


Last and but not least, Dystopia Reading Challenge. This is actually one I had a tough time with this year only because I was not in the mood to read Dystopian books. Fortunately, my goal was only set to 5 books and this was completed in November.


I won’t go into details of my Readathons, since I did separate wrap-up for them as I went along. I was able to participate in 4 of them and enjoyed all of them, most importantly, I completed each and everyone of them!


That’s it for 2016 and I’m really looking forward to all the different challenges I’m going to participate in next year.



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