SERIES SUNDAY: The Book of Ivy by Amy Engel

This story focuses on the main character Ivy Westfall and her relationship with Bishop Lattimer. Ivy and Bishop live on an earth that has been decimated by nuclear war and the small community must rely on each other in order to survive. In this small community, it is divided into two sections, those who are well off, supporters of the Lattimers, and those who are not, supporters of Westfall. In order to prevent hostile actions, each year the opposing group must give their daughters for marriage to the sons of the other group. For Ivy, it is her turn this year to marry Bishop, but she also has another agenda, she must kill her husband.

For obvious reasons I won’t go into details on the second book, but it does start right after the events of the first book.

Reasons for Reading this duology:

  • THE RELATIONSHIP: I really enjoyed the relationship building of the two main characters in this book. In books like these we tend to get relationships that are instantaneous, which is unrealistic. However, for Ivy an Bishop, the progression of their feelings are understandable and believable.
  • POLITICS: I’m not a fan of political intrigue in books because they tend to be cutthroat. Although this book does focus on a lot of the political aspect of Westfall I actually enjoyed this part of the book. There are a lot of personal feelings between the two families and this affects the government of the town. This little intrigue is interesting and gives the story a small surprise twist.
  • MINOR CHARACTERS: The other characters introduced in the second book made this duology even better. I really enjoy the other characters and believe that they were able to contribute depth to the story. I really don’t want to discuss more regarding this part of the story because obviously it will reveal too much from both books.
  • THE ENDING: Although the book has different twists and turns, the ending is what sold the deal for me. Its a bittersweet ending and worthy of being read by everyone. Like I said previously, I really don’t want to discuss more about this because it is the ending. If you want to know the ending, read my review ^_^!

Recommended for:

  • Readers who enjoy dystopian books and revolves around the political aspect of the town
  • Fans of Romeo and Juliet
  • Readers who enjoys a good relationship building
  • Readers who enjoys a well written ending

Not recommended for:

  • Readers who doesn’t enjoy minimal world building
  • There is a scene regarding physical abuse between a couple. I won’t recommend this to those who are sensitive to these topics.
  • Readers who tend to not enjoy a weak protagonist. I’m not saying Ivy is a bad character, it just means Ivy is a bit of a push-over and some readers are not really a fan of these types of protagonists.

Book Reviews: The Book of Ivy and The Revolution of Ivy

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