My Favorite Youtubers


I’ve been a YouTuber creeper for awhile now and there are a few Booktubers that I watch religiously and tend to pick up books that they recommend. I might not like all of their choices, but for the most part, they’re pretty spot on with their recommendations. I follow different YouTubers for different genres because these people tend to prefer specific genres and I find their channels informative

Here are my top YouTubers:

Mainstream: I tend to like books that are ‘mainstream’ or well hyped, so these following BookTubers are my go-to for ‘IN’ books.  I mostly watch their new release posts or anticipated releases because these are the books that will most likely be all over the bookstores.


Hailey In Bookland


Horror: I love this genre. I’m a big scaredy cat, but I love getting my hands on the next creepy book. I only have BookTuber that I follow for this genre and I tend to watch her hauls and book reviews. Mind you I sometimes don’t get to finish her videos because I tend to get scared during her descriptions of certain books. I do love her recommendations though. Unfortunately, she doesn’t post as many videos as the regular booktubers, but I still enjoy her!


Fantasy/Sci-fi: Another genre that I love, but don’t read as much as I want to. These YouTubers put me to shame because when they recommend they suggest such good books and my TBR just gets longer and longer when I watch them. I usually watch their recommendations and hauls.

Thoughts on Tomes  – I especially watch her Top 5 Wednesday!


For Fun: I’m not saying the above YouTubers are not fun. All of them are hilarious, but these YouTubers I love watching because they just go on and on about  books and I love watching their videos just because its so entertaining and hypnotizing. I think its their voice that draws me in. Anyways, I watch specific videos that they post and it differs for each of them.

Bookables – Unboxing, Hauls, Year-end overview, TBR/Wrap-ups, Tags

Pages and Pens – Top 5 Wednesday, Hauls, Reviews

Between Chapters – Hauls/unhaul, Wrap-up, Series Reviews

A Booktube Book – Hauls, Top 5 Wednesday, TBR, Wrap-up


I know I included specifics on what videos I tend to watch for each BookTuber, but usually when I have a particular book I want to know more about, I tend to watch reviews from these YouTubers, if they have read it. I know they all don’t  have the same taste as me, but I’ve come to distinguish which Youtuber would gravitate more to the story as suppose to another.

Now just because I watch these YouTubers for specific reasons it doesn’t mean that you have to as well. Most of them read a variety of enjoyable books and they all welcome any type of books that interest them. For me, I just find that most BookTuber gravitate towards certain genres, obviously whichever interest them, but this doesn’t mean they don’t try to include books outside their comfort zone. So I would recommend all these YouTubers for any book loves. I find them all to be very entertaining and amazing!

As you can see I don’t follow anyone for my favourite genre, MYSTERY! Unfortunately I haven’t really found a BookTuber that focus, or largely focus, on that genre. Please, please, if anyone follows a great Youtuber who recommends, reviews, etc. mystery books, let me know.


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