January Wrap-up and February TBR 2017

The first half of January was pretty rough for me in terms of reading. I had somewhat of a reading slump and it took me awhile to finish my first book, but eventually I ended up reading 7 book and 2 graphic novels.

Although, I had a slow start to the month, I was still able to read all the books from my TBR, except for The Austere Academy, which was just a re-read for me. On top of the 5 books that I finished on my TBR I was also able to read 4 other books.

Here are the books I read for January:

I didn’t really have a great reading month. Most of the books I read are mediocre. I was really surprised that I didn’t enjoy Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken as much as the first book. I did enjoy A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E Schwab, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as everyone else did. You by Caroline Kepnes did give me the chills, but it wasn’t anything extraordinary, it was different, that I have to admit, but I won’t grab the second book right away or even at all. The highlight for me in January would actually have to be the 2 graphic novels. I loved everything about it, it was cute, the graphics are amazing and the characters are relatable. This is a definite must read by everyone and I can’t wait to continue this series.


This month I want to participate in a readathon, but I can’t find any that interest me. There is one called Booktine which is to read contemporary books during the Valentine week period, but I’m hesitant because I’m not a contemporary reader. I’ll have to think about this readathon if I really can’t find another one. The upside is, it will allow me to read more books outside my comfort zone.

Anyways, on to my February TBR:

12-Month Challenge: 500+ Page Book

Nothing is set on stone, but I’m trying to stick to my TBR as part of my resolution this year. I really hope I can read all these books and as of right now I’m feeling good with my list.


Let me know down below what books you’re dying to read for February.


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