Top 5 Wednesday: Book Trends I’m Tired of


Hidden something

I’m really tired of books with hidden anything, wether it be a hidden secret or hidden power, or hidden monarchy. Anything that something needs to be revealed is starting to get annoying.

Excessive Romance

I’m not a reader of romance, but I don’t hate romance in books. I enjoy them and at times love the couples that are within the story, but I do wish that most books should be written with less romance. I think books should not be marketed as dystopia, fantasy, science fiction, etc. if the main plot of the book focuses on romance. If I wanted romance, then I would have gone and picked up a romance novel. Just saying…


I really want to read more books that includes really good friendships. I’m starting to get tired of protagonists that are seen as loners or someone who is an outsider. I wish more authors would write books that incorporates different types of bonds friendships, parent involvement, sisterly/brotherly love, etc.

Good Girl vs. Bad Girl

This is one trope that irritates me more than the first three. Like I said, there aren’t a lot of friendships in books whether it be adult, ya or middle grade, but they always seem to have a mean girl who is out to get the protagonist good girl. For some dumb reason they have this vengeful girl on the side because of the girl is either trying to get the main love interest, they are jealous of the female protagonist or she’s getting all the attention. I’m just not a fan of this. I don’t think there are that many vindictive girls out there.

Love Triangles

I HATE LOVE TRIANGLES!!! I don’t care if a book is well written, if there is a love triangle, I most likely won’t continue the series. i.e. Shatter Me (ARGH!) I can usually stand the other four, but this, I can’t really overlook it.


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