Books I want to read this Spring

I can’t believe its almost Spring, Spring! Here in Toronto, there is approximately 10 more days before Spring starts and with Spring comes the fine weather of being able to read outside. I’m not a summer fan, but Spring and Fall is my jam! There really isn’t a particular genre I enjoy reading in Spring, but there are a few books that I’ve been wanting to read and its getting to the point that I just want to devour them one by one. So before I go crazy I might as well make a list, for myself, to get my thoughts in order.

Here are the books I want to have read by the end Spring.

These are the first in a series  I want to start in Spring:

These are the books from a continued series or series I want to finish in Spring:


I know some have genre preference when the weather gets better, so let me know your reading choices down below.


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