SERIES SUNDAY: Gregor the Overlander Series by Suzanne Collins

Falling through a grate in his  laundry room, Gregor stumbles in a world under New York City that no human has ever seen before, the Underland. He realizes that he is has come to this place in a brink of war between the spiders, rats and cockroaches. Although, he has no wish to get in between these conflicts, he has found out that he must fulfil the prophecy that includes him in order to find out the mystery revolving his father’s disappearance.

Yes, this is the same author as The Hunger Games and yes, this series is just as good as her YA trilogy. If truth be told, I actually love this series a lot better than her trilogy, but this didn’t get as much hype as the latter. The way Collins wrote out the Underland it was very thorough and concise. Her battle scenes are all very well written and you can’t help but feel like you’re in the middle of the action. This is definitely a must read for everyone of all ages!

Reasons for Reading this Series:

  • WORLD: I love the authors  world building in this book, it is detailed and precise which is amazing considering its a middle grade book
  • FAMILY: The first book doesn’t necessarily focus on any one but Gregor, as the series continues we see more of his sister and mother and the bonds that they have. There really aren’t a lot of book like these and it was amazingly different.
  • MAIN CHARACTER: I love Gregor as a main characters. He’s very courageous, smart and very thoughtful towards the people he cares.
  • BATTLE SCENES: I definitely have to mention this because this really what set the series apart for me compared to other books. The battle scenes are breathtaking and its so well written that you are fully immersed in the action.

Recommended For:

Readers who…

  • Enjoys fast paced novels
  • Needs a good recommendation to introduce to their children
  • Are fans of Suzanne Collins writing
  • Enjoys Fantasy novel

Not Recommended For:

Readers who…

  • Doesn’t enjoy Middle Grade Books
  • Are not fans of Fantasy Novels
  • Doesn’t like insects: Spiders, Rats, Bats, etc.

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