Borrowathon Wrap-Up


I failed, thoroughly and completely! I was so pumped up for this readathon, but I’ve been having such a rough reading mood this month and I wasn’t able to pick up any book that was enticing enough. I was able to at least read one book and a graphic novel for this readathon, which were actually part of my TBR (click here for my Borrowathon TBR). The books also allowed me to fulfil some of the challenges that was part of the readathon.

Here are the book/graphic novel(s):

bloom and doom

Bloom and Doom by Beverly Allen

Rating:3/5 Stars
Challenge: A Book with yout Favourite Colour on the Cover

I’m up to date in a lot of my cozy reads so I needed something new and different for my cozy fix. So I decided to read this book, technically this fulfils a lot of the challenges of the readathon, three of the six to be exact. The only problem  is I wasn’t that impressed with the book. I had a hard time getting into the story or get attached to any of the characters. For some weird reason the author didn’t really describe any of her characters physical characteristics, so it took me awhile to picture them in my head. I did enjoy the dynamics of the main character and her cousin, and co-owner of their flowershop. I’m indifferent towards the romance in the book, it was weird that Nick will just pop out of nowhere from time to time. Almost as if the author include the romance as a second thought.

The mystery was also interesting, not the best I’ve read in a cozy mystery, but it did leave me guessing at who the crazy murderer is. Seriously, the killer is psychotic! Anyways, I’ts a very bland first book in a series, but I’ve actually read worse. I’ll try the second book to make any final judgement as to continue with the series or not.

Lumberjanes Vol.3, Vol.4, Vol, 5

Rating: 4/5
Challenge: Read a Graphic Novel

I really enjoy reading the Lumberjanes and all the adventures that they get into. I had more fun reading Volume 5 than the other two because of the mermaid involved. I’m not really a fan of mermaids, but the take on these mermaids are awesome. I really will recommend this graphic novel to everyone and for all ages!


I’m also in the middle of reading Do Not Disturb by A.R Torre to fulfil my ‘A Book Recommended to you’, but unfortunately I just didn’t get to finish the book. I’ve been in a sloth pace when it comes to reading these days. Oh well.

So far so good. I really enjoyed the first book in this trilogy and really wanted to continue it this year. I’m glad that I did, because I feel that this book is slightly better than the first. Mostly likely I’ll write a review on the whole trilogy, since I do intend on reading the third book this year as well.



That’s it for my Borrowathon wrap up. Let me know if you guys participated in the readathon and if you did a lot better than I did or bombed it as well.


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