Update: Life, Blog and the Future

Sorry I’ve been a little bit off my game for a few weeks. I know I said I will be back stronger than ever after my vacation, unfortunately, well not so unfortunate, I’m getting preoccupied with planning. Yes! Planning, as in daily planning. The beginning of this year I started my very first bullet journal to keep track of books ‘m reading, readathons I’m partaking in and books I’m buying. Recently, I found a whole new planning community with all these different planning layouts, sticker decorations and art calligraphy. So my time has been filled with this planning lately.

Never fear, I still love reading and blogging so I won’t be leaving this community anytime soon. I just wanted to update people as to why I’ve been so off my game lately. Anyways, I’m just getting to the swing of things and being able to balance my life and all the other activities I do. Plus, this whole bullet journal is helping me remember things to post and new ideas I have for my blog. I will be on top of things by June and I can’t wait for summer to come here in Canada quick!


Here’s a cute succulent plant for your enjoyment!

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