Favorite Canadian Authors


July first is a national holiday in Canada, to celebrate everything Canadian! Being Canadian, of course I would definitely celebrate everything white and red! This year we’re celebrating Canada’s 150 years of being a country. YAY!

Anyways, to help celebrate Canada Day here are my top 4 Canadian Authors.

Kelley Armstrong

One of the newest Canadian Author of my time. She has written countless of horror/paranormal novels both adult and young adult. I really enjoy her Darkest Power Trilogy when I was younger, her world building is phenomenal.

Robert Munsch

Anyone who has grown up in Canada has read a Robert Munsch. He has written countless of children’s novel that is beloved by all. Whether it be about a child not wanting to comb her hair or the trials of a child who has recently immigrated. My favorite story of his is The Paperbag Princess. This is such a wonderful story of a little girl who saves herself. Please read it if you get a chance!

Margaret Atwood

One of the best and most acclaimed authors to come from Canada is Ms. Margaret Atwood. She is known to have beautifully written dozens of novels and poems. My most favorite book of her is Alias Grace. It is wonderfully written and the mystery and intrigue behind the story is equally interesting.

L.M Montgomery

The author of Anne of Gables is a beloved Canadian. Growing up, this book is one of my favorites and still remains to this day. I love the story that Anne teaches young girls, to be themselves and to stand up for what they believe in.


This is it for my Canada Day Celebration. Doing this post made me realize that I haven’t read a lot of Canadian authors and I really want to remedy that. Comment down below if you have any great books written by a Canadian author.



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