June Wrap-up and July TBR

It if officially the full month of summer and Canada is still feeling a bit cold. Weird, but it is Canada. Anyways, this month is not any better for me in terms of my reading. I’m actually barely reading any books and have been feeling very sluggish when picking up a book. I keep thinking every month I’ll be better in the next month, but by the end I realize that I haven’t picked up a different book in days.

Last month I gave myself three books in my TBR and I was able to read two of those books. Yes, this is what I mean when I say, I’ve been procrastinating on my TBR! Besides those two books I have on my TBR, I read four other books, which equaled to 3 books and 3 graphic novels.

My favorite read this month is The Fourth Monkey by J.D Barker. I actually really enjoyed this ARC that I receive and I’m looking forward to read more of Barkers books. I also really enjoyed Wires and Nerve, I wasn’t a fan of the first book of The Lunar Chronicles, but by the end of the quadrilogy I was hooked. Of course I had to check this graphic novel out because Iko is actually one of my favorite characters!


I’m going to be ambitious for this month and go wild with my TBR. I really want to get out of this funk because I want to read more books. I don’t really add the graphic novels I’ve been reading in my personal Reading Challenge, so even though on Goodreads I’m on track, personally, I’m not. So need to get crackin’!

Here is my TBR for July:

Now looking at the books I added, this TBR really does look like an ambitious pile. Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to get to read these books. The Lost Hero book I want to read is actually the graphic novel, but I prefer this cover instead.

12 Month Challenge: Female POV


So that’s it for my wrap-up and TBR. I’m anxious to get to these books.



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